Absolute Surrender

Start Publishing LLC - God claims it, god is worthy of it, and without it God cannot work His blessed work in us. I desire by god's grace to give to you this message-that your god in heaven answers the prayers which you have offered for blessing on yourselves and for blessing on those around you by this one demand: Are you willing to surrender yourselves absolutely into His hands? Every one of us is a temple of God, in which God will dwell and work mightily on one condition-absolute surrender to Him.

Experiencing the Holy Spirit

Start Publishing LLC - There are plenty of insights to get your spiritual fire burning in this book, as Murray reveals the Holy Spirit and makes it come alive! Along with the Bible and an open heart, this book can do much to change how we view what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit.


Fig - Murray considers christ to be the ultimate model as the one who gave up His life, in order to gain life for His people. This electronic edition features an active table of contents. Humility is part of The Fig Classic Series on Modern Theology. Brief, but powerful, Murray explores this topic through surveying a range of scriptures passages.

Humility is to have a blessed home in the Lord, where I can go in and shut the door, and kneel to my Father in secret. Humility is considered one of the best books on this topic. To view more books in our catalog, visit us at fig-books. Com.

Waiting on God

Fig - It was murray's conviction that "waiting" was the most characteristic quality of Christian life. It is god's quiet and peaceful strength that we need in order to navigate the world. This electronic edition features an active table of contents. Waiting on god is part of The Fig Classic Series. For in it, presupposes our inferior relation to the Almighty, and so also our dependency on him for everyday life.

To view more books in our catalog, visit us at fig-books. Com. If we but saw our god in his love, how this waiting on God would become our highest joy!"Waiting on God is a devotional book and contains 31 chapters for each day of the month.

The Spiritual Life: Undeniable Ways to Conquer the Flesh and Grow in Christ

Ichthus Publications - Our meetings have just this one object: to try and find out what are the possibilities of the Christian life as God has revealed them in His word, what are the hindrances that keep the majority of believers out of that life, and what are the steps by which to come in and take possession. ". But alas, thousands say they know not how to obtain it.

Throughout the church of christ there is a universal complaint of the feebleness of the Christian life, and there are tens of thousands of souls longing to know how to lead a better life. They find in god’s word promises of perfect peace, of a faith that overcomes the world, of a joy that is unspeakable, hidden in the hollow of God’s hand, of a life of ever abiding communion with Christ, and in the secret of His pavilion.

The Power of the Blood of Jesus

Start Publishing LLC - The power of the blood of christ" does a wonderful job of introducing the need for Christians to claim the blood of Jesus, and in confirming its biblical authenticity. The power of the blood of christ" is a God-send for those who are willing to accept the ways of God without cringing. He also mentions scores of benefits that are only available through the shed blood of Jesus.

In "the power of the blood of Christ, " Andrew Murray clearly shows this truth in his books. This book remains a christian classic, a tremendous discourse on "The Power of the Blood of Christ. The new testament book of Hebrews states that, "Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. Andrew murray shows clearly that within that statement is included ALL the resulting benefits of forgiveness, as well.

The Power of the Blood of Jesus - In a day when the blood of jesus is being removed from the very translation of the Bible itself, when the mention of the blood of Jesus is considered offensive even in the churches, it is more important than ever for this book by Andrew Murray to remove the misconceptions. Though the blood of jesus is not in any way magical, it is nonetheless crucial and foundational to receiving any benefit whatsoever from God.

Abide In Christ: A 31-Day Devotional for Fellowship with Jesus

Ichthus Publications - Here are thirty-one heart-warming readings that show you how to live daily in closer communion and fellowship with Jesus. And, in so doing, you will better understand the benefits and blessings of Abiding in Him, and all the blessings that entails as you continue your walk of faith. In just five minutes each day, abide in Christ will be sure to bless and encourage you as fall in love with Jesus as He is revealed to us throughout Scripture.

Divine Healing

Importantia Publishing - Jesus is "the saviour of both the soul and of the body. In these thought-provoking meditations, Murray - who personally experienced God's healing - lays a clear biblical foundation for healing. One of the classic writings on healing within the Church. ". Ready to grant pardon and healing, " says Andrew Murray.

The Kingdom of God is Within You

Ichthus Publications - From one of christianity’s most beloved devotional writers and speakers of the nineteenth century, here is a series of lectures originally delivered at an annual conference in South Africa on the topic of the Kingdom of God. In his own passionate and persuasive manner, author and theologian Andrew Murray reveals how the Kingdom of God is a real and present reality inside of every single believer.

Murray first tackles the question of what the Kingdom of God is and then goes on to describe for his readers the importance of the indwelling of God, Jesus Christ in us, and our daily fellowship with him. Though first delivered at a conference in the late nineteenth century, this books remains just as necessary and relevant today as when it was first presented.

The Kingdom of God is Within You - . Anyone desiring to uncover or rediscover the heart of the Christian message will be blessed by reading this book. In this book, murray reminds us the all-important truth about returning to the basics of our Christian faith.


- The first and chief need of our Christian life is, Fellowship with God.

Absolute Surrender Optimized for Kindle

- If our hearts are willing for that, there is no end to what God willdo for us, and to the blessing God will bestow. How many times have you left a prayermeeting or revival service determined to dedicate every area of your life to God, only to feel frustrated and defeated a few days later? We all want to be absolutelysurrendered to God, and yet we hardly dare utter the words.

Andrew murray clearly and simply explains full surrender to God and showsthe way to a victorious life in Him. We don't exactly knowhow. My lord, according to thy saying, O King, I am thine, and all that I have. Words of absolute surrender with which every child of God ought to yield himselfto his Father.