Agent 110: An American Spymaster and the German Resistance in WWII

Simon & Schuster #ad - Scott miller’s “absorbing and bracing” the seattle Times Agent 110 explains how leaders of the German Underground wanted assurances from Germany’s enemies that they would treat the country humanely after the war. But miller shows how Dulles’s negotiations fell short. Their underground network exposed dulles to the political maneuverings of the Soviets, who were already competing for domination of Germany, and all of Europe, in the post-war period.

Eventually he was placed in charge of the CIA in the 1950s, where he helped set the stage for US foreign policy. If president roosevelt backed the resistance, they would overthrow Hitler and shorten the war. The “lively and engrossing” the wall street Journal story of how OSS spymaster Allen Dulles built an underground network determined to take down Hitler and destroy the Third Reich.

Agent 110: An American Spymaster and the German Resistance in WWII #ad - Agent 110 is allen Dulles, a newly minted spy from an eminent family. With his belief that the ends justified the means, Dulles had no qualms about consorting with Nazi leadership or working with resistance groups within other countries to topple governments. From his townhouse in bern, and in clandestine meetings in restaurants, Switzerland, and lovers’ bedrooms, back roads, Dulles met with and facilitated the plots of Germans during World War II who were trying to destroy the country’s leadership.

Agent 110 is “a doozy of a dossier on Allen Dulles and his early days spying during World War II” Kirkus Reviews. Miller skillfully weaves a double narrative of dulles’ machinations and those of the German resistance” Booklist to bring to life this exhilarating, period of world history—of desperate renegades in a dark and dangerous world where spies, idealists, and pivotal, and traitors match wits and blows to ensure their vision of a perfect future.


Avenue of Spies: A True Story of Terror, Espionage, and One American Family's Heroic Resistance in Nazi-Occupied Paris

Broadway Books #ad - And number 84 housed the parisian headquarters of the Gestapo, run by the most effective spy hunter in Nazi Germany. When his secret life was discovered by his Nazi neighbors, he and his family were forced to undertake a journey into the dark heart of the war-torn continent from which there was little chance of return.

Drawing upon a wealth of primary source material and extensive interviews with Phillip Jackson, Alex Kershaw recreates the City of Light during its darkest days. Awash with the tense atmosphere of World War II's Europe, Avenue of Spies introduces us to the brave doctor who risked everything to defy Hitler.

Avenue of Spies: A True Story of Terror, Espionage, and One American Family's Heroic Resistance in Nazi-Occupied Paris #ad - Just down the road at number 31 was the "mad sadist" Theodor Dannecker, an Eichmann protégé charged with deporting French Jews to concentration camps. So when american physician sumner jackson, found himself drawn into the Liberation network of the French resistance, who lived with his wife and young son Phillip at Number 11, he knew the stakes were impossibly high.

After witnessing the brutal round-up of his Jewish friends, Jackson invited Liberation to officially operate out of his home at Number 11—but the noose soon began to tighten. From his office at the american hospital, jackson smuggled fallen Allied fighter pilots safely out of France, itself an epicenter of Allied and Axis intrigue, a job complicated by the hospital director's close ties to collaborationist Vichy.

The untold story of the jackson family anchors the suspenseful narrative, and Kershaw dazzles readers with the vivid immediacy of the best spy thrillers. The best-selling author of the liberator brings to life the incredible true story of an American doctor in Paris, and his heroic espionage efforts during World War II.

The leafy avenue foch, one of the most exclusive residential streets in Nazi-occupied France, was Paris's hotbed of daring spies, murderous secret police, amoral informers, and Vichy collaborators.


Madame Fourcade's Secret War: The Daring Young Woman Who Led France's Largest Spy Network Against Hitler

Random House #ad - Her group’s name was alliance, but the Gestapo dubbed it Noah’s Ark because its agents used the names of animals as their aliases. Olson writes with verve and a historian’s authority. France, slow to confront the stain of Vichy, would do well to finally honor a fighter most of us would want in our foxhole.

The new york Times Book Review. Strong-willed, independent, patriarchal society, and a lifelong rebel against her country’s conservative, Marie-Madeleine Fourcade was temperamentally made for the job. The gestapo pursued them relentlessly, capturing, torturing, and executing hundreds of its three thousand agents, including Fourcade’s own lover and many of her key spies.

Both times she managed to escape—once by slipping naked through the bars of her jail cell—and continued to hold her network together even as it repeatedly threatened to crumble around her. Now, lynne olson tells the fascinating story of a woman who stood up for her nation, in this dramatic account of the war that split France in two and forced its people to live side by side with their hated German occupiers, her fellow citizens, and herself.

Madame Fourcade's Secret War: The Daring Young Woman Who Led France's Largest Spy Network Against Hitler #ad - Fast-paced and impressively researched . With this gripping tale, Lynne Olson pays Marie-Madeleine Fourcade what history has so far denied her. Although fourcade, constantly changing her hair color, clothing, and identity, the mother of two young children, moved her headquarters every few weeks, she was captured twice by the Nazis.


The Spy and the Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War

Broadway Books #ad - The son of two kgb agents and the product of the best Soviet institutions, the savvy, sophisticated Gordievsky grew to see his nation's communism as both criminal and philistine. Their obsession ultimately doomed gordievsky: the CIA officer assigned to identify him was none other than Aldrich Ames, the man who would become infamous for secretly spying for the Soviets.

Unfolding the delicious three-way gamesmanship between america, Britain, and culminating in the gripping cinematic beat-by-beat of Gordievsky's nail-biting escape from Moscow in 1985, and the Soviet Union, Ben Macintyre's latest may be his best yet. For nearly a decade, exposing russian spies and helping to foil countless intelligence plots, as the Cold War reached its twilight, Gordievsky helped the West turn the tables on the KGB, as the Soviet leadership grew increasingly paranoid at the United States's nuclear first-strike capabilities and brought the world closer to the brink of war.

The Spy and the Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War #ad - Desperate to keep the circle of trust close, mi6 never revealed Gordievsky's name to its counterparts in the CIA, which in turn grew obsessed with figuring out the identity of Britain's obviously top-level source. Like the greatest novels of john le carré, where the lines bleed between the personal and the professional, it brings readers deep into a world of treachery and betrayal, and one man's hatred of communism had the power to change the future of nations.

. He took his first posting for russian intelligence in 1968 and eventually became the Soviet Union's top man in London, but from 1973 on he was secretly working for MI6. If anyone could be considered a Russian counterpart to the infamous British double-agent Kim Philby, it was Oleg Gordievsky. New york times bestseller“the best true spy story I have ever read.


The Fox

G.P. Putnam's Sons #ad - With his trademark research and deep knowledge of the rules and practices of international intrigue, Forsyth takes on tomorrow's threats in this race-against-the-clock thriller. Her news is shocking: the pentagon, and the CIA have been hacked simultaneously, the NSA, their seemingly impenetrable firewalls breached by an unknown enemy known only as "The Fox.

Even more surprisingly, the culprit is revealed to be a young British teenager, Luke Jennings. He has no agenda, no secrets, just a blisteringly brilliant mind. Seems likely--until weston has another idea: if luke can do this to us, what can he do to our enemies?After conferring with both the American President and the Prime Minister, Weston is determined to use "The Fox" and his talents to the advantage of the two nations.

The Fox #ad - Adrian must stay one step ahead of multiple invisible enemies, all while finding a way to utilize the most powerful--and most unpredictable--weapon of all. The #1 new york times-bestselling master of international intrigue takes readers into the bleeding-edge world of technological espionage in a propulsive thriller that feels chillingly real.

Former chief of the british secret Intelligence Service Adrian Weston is awoken in the middle of the night by a phone call from the Prime Minister. But doing so places the boy on a geopolitical minefield. Extradition to the U. S.


A Single Spy

Minotaur Books #ad - For alexsi, it’s no choice at all. Over the course of the next seven years, alexsi has to live his role, that of the devoted nephew of a high Nazi official, and ultimately works for the legendary German spymaster Wilhelm Canaris as an intelligence agent in the Abwehr. In 1936, at the age of 16, alexsi is caught by the NKVD and transported to Moscow.

All the while, acting as a double agent—reporting back to the NKVD and avoiding detection by the Gestapo. There, in the notorious headquarters of the secret police, he is given a choice: be trained and inserted as a spy into Nazi Germany under the identity of his best friend, the long lost nephew of a high ranking Nazi official, or disappear forever in the basement of the Lubyanka.

Trapped between the implacable forces of two of the most notorious dictatorships in history, and truly loyal to no one but himself, Alexsi’s goal remains the same—survival. For alexsi, it’s the moment of truth; for the rest of the world, the future is at stake. In 1943, and stalin, alexsi is chosen by the gestapo to spearhead one of the most desperate operations of the war—to infiltrate the site of the upcoming Tehran conference between Churchill, Roosevelt, and set them up to be assassinated.

A Single Spy #ad - A panoramic, smart, hugely enjoyable thriller"—The New York Times Book Review“A single spy—in the right place and at the right moment—may change the course of history. Alexsi ivanovich smirnov, an orphan and a thief, has been living by his wits and surviving below the ever-watchful eye of the Soviet system until his luck finally runs out.


The Saboteur: The Aristocrat Who Became France's Most Daring Anti-Nazi Commando

Harper #ad - Caught by the germans, la rochefoucald withstood months of torture without cracking, and escaped his own death, not once but twice. The saboteur recounts la rochefoucauld’s enthralling adventures, from jumping from a moving truck on his way to his execution to stealing Nazi limos to dressing up in a nun’s habit—one of his many disguises and impersonations.

Whatever the mission, la rochefoucauld acquitted himself nobly, whatever the dire circumstance, with the straight-back aplomb of a man of aristocratic breeding: James Bond before Ian Fleming conjured him. More than just a fast-paced, telling the untold story of a network of commandos that battled evil, bravely worked to change the course of history, true thriller, The Saboteur is also a deep dive into an endlessly fascinating historical moment, and inspired the creation of America’s own Central Intelligence Agency.

. When the nazis invaded and imprisoned his father, la rochefoucald escaped to england and learned the dark arts of anarchy and combat—cracking safes and planting bombs and killing with his bare hands—from the officers of Special Operations Executive, beloved by Winston Churchill, the collection of British spies, who altered the war in Europe with tactics that earned it notoriety as the “Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

The Saboteur: The Aristocrat Who Became France's Most Daring Anti-Nazi Commando #ad - With his newfound skills, blew up fortified compounds and munitions factories, La Rochefoucauld returned to France and organized Resistance cells, interfered with Germans’ war-time missions, and executed Nazi officers. In the tradition of agent zigzag comes this breathtaking biography, as fast-paced and emotionally intuitive as the very best spy thrillers, which illuminates an unsung hero of the French Resistance during World War II—Robert de La Rochefoucald, an aristocrat turned anti-Nazi saboteur—and his daring exploits as a résistant trained by Britain’s Special Operations Executive.

A scion of one of the most storied families in France, Robert de La Rochefoucald was raised in magnificent chateaux and educated in Europe's finest schools.


The Lyon Resistance Alex Kovacs thriller series Book 3

Manor and State, LLC #ad - If you like the world inhabited by philip kerr’s bernie gunther or the characters created by Alan Furst, a place and time of unfathomable evil where the biggest questions sometimes are forced upon the most ordinary of people, then you’ll love Richard Wake’s new World War II thriller. Pick up the lyon resistance to travel along on Alex’s latest adventure!

And when that danger surrounds them, smothering them, Alex is forced to make the ultimate decision — to risk everything for his family and his cause. The lyon resistance is the third book in the Alex Kovacs historical espionage thriller series. Disillusioned by the leaders who ignored so many warnings and allowed France to be steamrollered by the Germans, they form a Resistance cell and sabotage the Nazis wherever they can.

The Lyon Resistance Alex Kovacs thriller series Book 3 #ad - But the effects are fleeting even as the danger for them grows exponentially. But is it worth it?after the fall of france, Alex Kovacs and his wife, Manon, travel to her home in Lyon to continue the fight they began as espionage agents in Switzerland. France has been overrun and the Gestapo now controls the country with a sinister terror.

The resistance does what it can, at enormous personal risk to its members.


Rogue Heroes: The History of the SAS, Britain's Secret Special Forces Unit That Sabotaged the Nazis and Changed the Nature of War

Crown #ad - Paired with his constitutional opposite, the disciplined martinet Jock Lewes, Stirling assembled a revolutionary fighting force that would upend not just the balance of the war, but the nature of combat itself. The incredible untold story of wwii’s greatest secret fighting force, as told by our great modern master of wartime intrigue Britain’s Special Air Service—or SAS—was the brainchild of David Stirling, a young, gadabout aristocrat whose aimlessness in early life belied a remarkable strategic mind.

Where most of his colleagues looked at a battlefield map of world war II’s African theater and saw a protracted struggle with Rommel’s desert forces, Stirling saw an opportunity: given a small number of elite, well-trained men, he could parachute behind enemy lines and sabotage their airplanes and war material.

Rogue Heroes: The History of the SAS, Britain's Secret Special Forces Unit That Sabotaged the Nazis and Changed the Nature of War #ad - The result is not just a tremendous war story, but a fascinating group portrait of men of whom history and country asked the most. He faced no little resistance from those who found his tactics ungentlemanly or beyond the pale, but in the SAS’s remarkable exploits facing the Nazis in the Africa and then on the Continent can be found the seeds of nearly all special forces units that would follow.

Bringing his keen eye for psychological detail to a riveting wartime narrative, Ben Macintyre uses his unprecedented access to SAS archives to shine a light inside a legendary unit long shrouded in secrecy.


Agent M: The Lives and Spies of MI5's Maxwell Knight

PublicAffairs #ad - Spying is the art of knowing who to trust-and who to betrayMaxwell Knight was perhaps the greatest spymaster in history, rumored to be the real-life inspiration for the James Bond character "M. He did more than anyone in his era to combat the rising threat of fascism in Britain during World War II, in spite of his own history inside this movement.

He was also truly eccentric--a thrice-married jazz aficionado who kept a menagerie of exotic pets--and almost totally unqualified for espionage. Yet he had a gift for turning practically anyone into a fearless secret agent. Knight's work revolutionized British intelligence, pioneering the use of female agents, among other accomplishments.

Agent M: The Lives and Spies of MI5's Maxwell Knight #ad - . In telling knight's remarkable story, agent m also reveals for the first time in print the names and stories of some of the men and women recruited by Knight, on behalf of MI5, who were asked to infiltrate the country's most dangerous political organizations. Drawing on a vast array of original sources, Agent M reveals not only the story of one of the world's greatest intelligence operators, but the sacrifices and courage required to confront fascism during a nation's darkest time.


Double Agent: The First Hero of World War II and How the FBI Outwitted and Destroyed a Nazi Spy Ring

Scribner #ad - He spent sixteen months in the Nazi underground of New York City, consorting with a colorful cast of spies. Edgar hoover, “sebold gave us the most outstanding case in Bureau history. In double agent, Peter Duffy tells this full account. William G. As you know, ” an FBI official later told J. Sebold, a naturalized american of German birth, risked his life to become the first double agent in the history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The guilty verdicts were announced in brooklyn federal court just hours after Adolf Hitler declared war on the United States on December 11, 1941, which meant that the Führer could not call upon a small army of embedded spies and saboteurs during the most trying days of the coming struggle. Sebold was at the center of the most sophisticated investigation yet devised by the FBI, which established a short-wave radio station on Long Island to communicate with Hamburg spymasters and set up a “research office” in Times Square that allowed agents hidden behind a two-way mirror to film meetings conducted between Sebold and the spy suspects.

The never-before-told tale of the german-american who infiltrated New York’s Nazi underground in the days leading up to World War II: “Thrilling, well-researched, well-told, fascinating” Minneapolis Star Tribune. He was the first hero of World War II and yet the American public has never seen his face.

Double Agent: The First Hero of World War II and How the FBI Outwitted and Destroyed a Nazi Spy Ring #ad - Here is a story “rich with eccentric characters, suspense, and details of spycraft in the war’s early days…. The result is a compelling cultural history with all the intricacy and intrigue of a good spy novel” The Boston Globe. The result was the arrest and conviction of thirty-three spies, still the largest espionage case in American history.