Angel on the Square Russian Saga Book 1

HarperCollins - With her trademark lyricism, and strong young heroine, spare prose, award-winning author Gloria Whelan has again taken a chapter from history and transformed it into  compelling historical fiction. Kirkus. Petersburg as a magical place. The daughter of a lady in waiting to the Empress, Katya spends all her time with the Grand Duchesses, and the royal family feels like her own.

From the author of the national book award-winning novel Homeless Bird comes “an absorbing saga”* about a young heroine coming of age in the tumultuous years leading up to the Russian revolution. Gripping, accessible historical fiction that's perfect for schools and classrooms, as well as for fans of Ruta Sepetys and Elizabeth Wein.

Angel on the Square Russian Saga Book 1 - But outside the palace, a terrible war is sweeping through Europe, and Russia is beginning to crumble under the weight of a growing revolution. Now, she must seek to understand what is happening to her beloved country and, for the first time in her life, as Katya’s once-certain future begins to dissolve, take charge of her own destiny.

In the fall of 1914, safe behind palace walls, Katya Ivanova sees St.

The Impossible Journey Russian Saga Book 2

HarperCollins - One russian night in 1934, Marya and Georgi's parents disappear. The children, alone and desperate, fear the worst. They must steal away in the dark of night, escape the city, and find passage to the great Siberian wilderness. And even then, if they succeed in getting away, their journey will have only just begun.

In this companion novel to her breathtaking Russian epic Angel on the Square, National Book Award winning author Gloria Whelan takes readers on a remarkable journey that is both perilous and transforming. Will they ever see their parents again?But all it takes is one crumpled letter to give Marya and Georgi hope and send them on a dangerous mission to reunite their family.

The Impossible Journey Russian Saga Book 2 - . Despite high risks, Katya and Misha had spoken against the government.

Homeless Bird

HarperCollins - The national book award-winning novel about one remarkable young woman who dares to defy fate, perfect for readers who enjoyed A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park or Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai. Like many girls her age in India, thirteen-year-old Koly faces her arranged marriage with hope and courage.

Can she forge her own future, bestselling, this universally acclaimed, even in the face of time-worn tradition?  Perfect for schools and classrooms, and award-winning novel by master of historical fiction Gloria Whelan is a gripping tale of hope that will transport readers of all ages. But koly's story takes a terrible turn when in the wake of the ceremony, she discovers she's been horribly misled—her life has been sold for a dowry.

Chu Ju's House

HarperCollins - To make room for one, this girl will have to go. Fourteen-year-old Chu Ju knows she cannot allow this to happen to her sister. One girl too many. When a girl is born to chu Ju's family, it is quickly determined that the baby must be sent away. After all, the law states that a family may have only two children, and tradition dictates that every family should have a boy.

Understanding that one girl must leave, she sets out in the middle of the night, vowing not to return. With luminescent detail, where law conspires with tradition, tearing a young woman from her family, National Book Award-winning author Gloria Whelan transports readers to China, sending her on a remarkable journey to find a home of her own.

Nory Ryan's Song

Yearling - Nory ryan's family has lived on maidin Bay on the west coast of Ireland for generations, planting potatoes, raising a pig and a few chickens, getting by. Twelve-year-old nory must summon the courage and ingenuity to find food, to find hope, to find a way to help her family survive. Every year nory's father goes away on a fishing boat and returns with the rent money for the English lord who owns their cottage and fields, the English lord bent upon forcing the Irish from their land so he can tumble the cottages and clear the fields for grazing.

Times are never easy on Maidin Bay, but this year, a terrible blight attacks the potatoes. No crop means starvation.

Betsy and the Emperor

Simon Pulse - Think, my dear -- just think what it will be like, to be known as the girl who freed the great Napoleon Bonaparte!"Fourteen-year-old English girl Betsy Balcombe and her family have a most unusual house guest: Napoleon Bonaparte, former emperor of France and the most feared man on earth. Betsy is the only foreigner napoleon's ever met who is not impressed by him and doesn't tremble at the sight of him -- and Napoleon is more than intrigued.

Helena, where a cruel jailer and more than two thousand British troops guard his every move. The one bright star in napoleon's black sky is Betsy, a blazingly rebellious teenager whose family is reluctantly housing the notorious prisoner. As betsy develops from a gangly, this unexpected and wonderful alliance survives inevitable gossip and growing pains, tomboyish girl to a blossoming young woman, giving Betsy the courage to pursue her dreams -- and Napoleon the courage to face his dark future.

After fits and starts, a most remarkable friendship develops between Betsy and the emperor -- a friendship that transcends age and politics. Stripped of his empire and robbed of his young family and freedom, he is confined to the forbidding, rat-infested island of St. It also inspires betsy to hatch a daring and dangerous plan on Napoleon's behalf, a scheme that could threaten both of their lives and shake entire empires to their foundations.

Betsy and the Emperor - Once lord and master to eighty-two million souls, now in 1815, Napoleon is a captive of the British people. Based on true events, adventure, and poignant drama, staton rabin's story blends humor, vividly revealing new insights into the heart and mind of one of the most towering, fascinating historical figures of our time -- and tells a tale of hope and bravery that will inspire readers to their own heights of courage.

Burying the Sun Russian Saga Book 3

HarperCollins - But at fourteen years old, georgi is too young to join the army, and he wonders how he can possibly help his friends and family. His sister, marya, packs up the great artwork at the Hermitage museum for safekeeping, and their mother tends to the wounded soldiers. The russian city of leningrad is darkening with winter and war, and Georgi's family prepares for the worst.

Too young for the army, one boy takes saving the city into his own hands. As the city slowly starves from lack of food and hope, Georgi knows he can help his people survive, but he must face dangers as real as the battles on the front lines.

In Search of Honor

BJU Press/JourneyForth - In search of honor is historical fiction by Donnalynn Hess set in the late 1700s during the violent days of the French Revolution. Jacques wants revenge for his father, his fellow artisans, his mother, and for himself. But escaping from a prison of the heart is no easy task. In search of honor is the story of this young man’s struggle for justice and truth.

This christian fiction for teens tells of young Jacques Chenier who is trapped in a prison stronger than the Bastille, a prison of bitterness.

It's a Jungle Out There The Rani Adventure Series Book 1

Hannibal Books - I wouldn't trade my childhood for any other, " Snell writes. They laughed at my log rides down rampaging rivers and caught exotic pets for me. The 'machis' were my first babysitters and friends. Book one of the rani adventures begins with Ron Snell's birth as the eldest child of missionary parents living in the rainforests of Peru.

As they touched our lives we discovered what it would cost us to touch theirs. Life was one great adventure after another. I hope this first book of the rani adventures will bring you laugher, tears and a new perspective on the old cliche: 'It's a jungle out there!'. Colorfully depicting what it was like growing up in such surroundings, Snell has captured a wide-ranging audience ranging from homeschool children to senior citizens.

It's a Jungle Out There The Rani Adventure Series Book 1 - Conceived in the amazon rainforest, to this day, I learned to walk and talk among the Machiguenga Indians who, call me "Rani". From them i learned to tie a house together, eat monkeys and macaws, and make dugout canoes. After all, what could be more fun than perching in thorn trees at night to escape a herd of stampeding pigs? "The Machiguengas adopted me and my family into theirs.

The Turning

Open Road Media Teen & Tween - Does her future lie in Paris—or in a new Russia? Soon tanya must choose her path. She dances all day and all night, performing on the stage of the greatest theater in Russia. Food is scarce and luxuries are few, but for a young dancer named Tanya, life is a beautiful dream. But as the group prepares for the trip, politics and romance tempt her to stay in Leningrad.

Soon the company will tour europe, and Tanya will see Paris—a city so beautiful that she has begun to contemplate the unthinkable: leaving the Soviet Union forever. Her family has sacrificed everything for her dream, and their efforts are finally paying off. As the soviet union crumbles, one ballerina dreams of Paris It is 1991, but in Leningrad, and revolution is coming to the Soviet Union, life goes on as it always has.

The Turning - Paris offers a chance for defection, which would mean saying good-bye to her family.

The King's Fifth

HMH Books for Young Readers - Though they may have been ruthless, these steel-helmeted young men of Spain lived their lives on the very edge of eternity with style and uncommon courage. In this deeply affecting novel scott O’Dell envelops the reader in the heroic world of the conquistadors—a world that is at once somber and many-colored.