Bear With Me Blood Realm Book 4

Skeleton Key Publishing #ad - A prince trapped in the body of a bear torben is a bear shifter struggling to pass a test laid on him by his power-hungry stepmother. For one year, she must let him keep his secrets, trust him as a wife should trust her husband. Now she is resigned to a calm life where the best she can hope for is a good marriage that will take the burden of her care from her father’s shoulders.

Bound into his beast form during the day, able to be human only at night when the darkness hides him, he must find a wife. In this electrifying blood realm tale, usa today bestselling author Jennifer Blackstream spins the tale of a bear shifter cursed by his own family and the blind woman who must look past the monster to see him for who he truly is.

Bear With Me Blood Realm Book 4 #ad - But what woman will climb into bed with a bear and trust it is a man waiting for her?A BARD LOOKING FOR HER VOICEAfter witnessing her mother’s murder left her blind, Leta had to put away her sword and her dreams of becoming a bard. When her father claims the gods have sent a man to be not just her husband, but perhaps her savior, Leta has to take a leap of faith…and hope she falls in love.

Even a blind woman can see when something is worth fighting for…. She can know him only as a bear and a bodiless voice in the night.


Stolen Wish Blood Realm Book 5

Skeleton Key Publishing #ad - It takes a tiger princess to steal a thief’s heart of gold in this sizzling installment of USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Blackstream's infamous Blood Realm series. Pride makes him bold enough to covet herali is a notorious thief, skilled enough to steal whatever his heart desires—except what it desires most.

With fierce determination, she’s stealing back the sacred objects of her people, the loss of which cost them the ability to safely convert their mates. He’ll get the wife he’s coveted for so many years, and she will get the chance to finally explore the passion that she’s denied herself for too long.

Stolen Wish Blood Realm Book 5 #ad - Anara. Nothing and no one will stand in her way—not even a relentless thief who sees more than he should, and says more than she’s ready to hear…DUTY AND LOVE BOTH DEMAND SACRIFICEA dark sorcerer inadvertently gives Ali the leverage he needs to demand Anara’s hand in marriage. But even with a djinn’s magic at their fingertips, happiness is no guarantee.

If they want a future together, they’ll have to fight for it…. His fellow criminal would never let him get so close if she suspected he knew who she truly was. But a man can only resist temptation for so long…prejudice cANNOT HIDE PASSION FOREVERPrincess Anara is a tiger shifter obsessed with redeeming her race.

That which is easily gained is just as easily lost.


The Archer The Blood Realm Series Book 3

Skeleton Key Publishing #ad - Lose the land that’s all she has left of her parents, or accept help from a fey thief determined to discover what she’s hiding. A deal with the devilgold changes hands, and Marian’s murder debt is paid with Robin’s gold. Now she must serve her time in his band of thieves. Will the sidhe discover her secret? Will they survive it if he does?

But the novelty of being a hero is wearing off, and a witch has pointed him in the direction of a new adventure. A ferocious and beautiful redhead has entered his forest, and this time, Robin isn’t after gold…A HUNTRESS IN HIDINGMarian has a dark secret she’s kept hidden her entire life. A master of liesrobin is a notorious trickster, a sidhe capable of powerful illusions and driven by a desperate need to avoid the boredom that comes so easily with the long life of a fey.

The Archer The Blood Realm Series Book 3 #ad - For the last decade, he’s amused himself as a bandit, stealing from anyone foolish enough to enter his forest with more gold than good sense. Usa today bestselling author jennifer Blackstream continues her seductive Blood Realm series with this exciting tale of a thief determined to steal the secret of the murderess he saved from ruin.

Now, thanks to a single arrow fired in a moment of self-defense, she’s faced with a choice that might drag her shame into the light. She must make a choice.


Blue Voodoo The Blood Realm Series Book 2

Skeleton Key Publishing #ad - The last thing she wants is for the man who’d shared her one wild night of youthful indiscretion to waltz off his ship and back into her life. Now he’s back, and that marriage is the only thing that can save him. A tale of lust, and revenge by usa today bestselling author jennifer BlackstreamHE WON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWERTen years ago, voodoo, Julian seduced a voodoo queen.

If only the blue beard she’d cursed him with all those years ago didn’t remind her of that night of passion. If only he weren’t so terribly persistent. Fool her oncedominique is a voodoo queen respected by all, feared by some. Second only to the royal family in influence, she has worked her entire life to get where she is.

Blue Voodoo The Blood Realm Series Book 2 #ad - Ten years ago he ran from the future he saw with her, the love that had seemed like an unbreakable chain to hold him down. Then he ran. Both were unforgiveable. If only he’d told her about the three dead wives buried on his land…. Her farewell curse has plagued him ever since, and now the pirate captain has had enough.

Despite his devilish smile and proposal that’s ten years too late, she’s determined to send him on his way by any means necessary.


All for a Rose The Blood Realm Series Book 1

Skeleton Key Publishing #ad - He’s neither man nor beast. She can’t escape him…and she doesn’t want to. A witch’s curse took everything from Damon. And not just any trespasser…The father of the witch who cursed him. Maribel wants out of her sister the witch’s shadow. Will he choose love?or revenge… Start the Blood Realm series now, with All for a Rose.

But maribel’s determined joy and refusal to turn away from him slowly creeps past his defenses. Soon damon finds himself falling under a spell of an entirely different nature. Once a protector of the weak, the dragon shifter is now trapped between forms, a half man-half beast. Even taking her her father’s place as a draconic lord’s prisoner feels like freedom compared to a life that revolves around someone else.

All for a Rose The Blood Realm Series Book 1 #ad - Because you’re going to love this beast…. Besides, daman doesn’t scare her. Much. A monster rejecting human contact. Damon is furious when he finds he’s bargained for the wrong sister. Until a trespasser collapses on his doorstep. Now he has a decision to make.


The Pirate's Witch Blood Prince Book 6

Skeleton Key Publishing #ad - A fast-paced tale of kidnapping, desire, and second chances by USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author Jennifer Blackstream. He won’t take no for an answer tyr is going to die. Well, a pirate only asks politely once. She said no ingrid is an earth witch with every intention of staying on earth.

Ingrid has three days to change his mind. Unfortunately, she underestimated Tyr’s determination. Unless he can capture the elusive firebird and deliver it to the ogre king, the one-handed pirate will become a gruesome example of what happens when you cross the ogres. Or change her own… . Failing that….

The Pirate's Witch Blood Prince Book 6 #ad - No pirate, no matter how dashing, will lure her away from her home onto a floating deathtrap. With only his wits and his charm, he must now seek out the one woman who can help him catch his prey. And now he’s underestimated hers… the value OF A LIFE He claims to value no one’s life more than his own.


Mercenary Blood Trails Book 5

Skeleton Key Publishing #ad - Demons, sidhe, sorceresses, even the vampiric crime lord of Cleveland himself. Unfortunately, there are a lot of monsters behind the scenes pulling political strings. Any one of them could have frightened the political fixer into madness. And they'll do much worse to Shade if she threatens to uncover their secrets.

. But if unraveling a political conspiracy is her only chance to escape the past month of magical boot camp and goblin-sparring, interspersed with seductive attempts by her sidhe master to make their relationship permanent, then so be it. A government spook saw something he shouldn't have--a glimpse of the Otherworld.

Mercenary Blood Trails Book 5 #ad - Now his life is in danger, and it's up to Shade to save him. Usa today bestselling author jennifer Blackstream brings a darker twist to urban fantasy with the latest heart-pounding installment of the Blood Trails series. Political intrigue is for wizards. Shade has never agreed with her old mentor's advice more than she does now.


Beautiful Salvation Blood Prince series Book 5

Skeleton Key Publishing #ad - Saamal was forced to give up half his power to save her, and even at his best was only able to turn death to sleep. What she learns changes everything. He can only wait at the beside of his sleeping fiancé, hoping that an otherworldly benefactor and the new allies she’s brought him can somehow help him break the spell.

Her world is an illusionaiyana is the fiancé of the god of death—but she doesn’t know it. Saamal isn’t the only one who’s been starving. The handsome stranger with the bottomless black eyes speaks of a curse, promises that a kiss is the only way to break the spell and return her to the real world.

Beautiful Salvation Blood Prince series Book 5 #ad - If they are going to save their kingdom, Aiyana and Saamal have to overcome the past and succumb to the connection that binds them together—body and soul. Usa today bestselling author jennifer blackstream delivers the pulse-pounding finale of the Blood Prince series with this tale of a blood-drenched god and a warrior princess whose passion will challenge the boundary between life and death.

Plagued by nightmares of a different world and a growing darkness inside her, she finally flees her the protection of her castle in a desperate bid for answers. And the god of death is not to be trusted. Wake upthe land is bound to its royal family—and its god. A dark god robbed of his powera hundred years ago, saamal turned his back on his lover, threw her away for the promise of a new bride who would double his power.

But his reputation precedes him.


Divine Scales Blood Prince Series Book 4

Skeleton Key Publishing #ad - The sister of one of his victims cursed him, assuring that the family of every sinner would sing his praises, heap love and affection on him as they thanked him for killing their kin. Enchanted into false adoration bordering on obsession, she traded her tail--and her voice-- for the legs she needed to pursue the object of her desire.

A brutal warrior with wings patricio, angelic prince of Meropis, is a ruthless executioner. Passion infuses the air between them, but how can they trust their desire when so much magic has muddied the waters? When the sadistic curse sours the first hint of romance Patricio has had in years, he leaves behind the sensual mermaid and resigns himself to a lonely fate …only to be shocked when she bargains for the legs to follow him.

Divine Scales Blood Prince Series Book 4 #ad - With blood on his hands and ice in his heart, he should strike terror in the hearts of those who witness him performing his terrible rites—but he doesn’t. Now the rose-colored glasses are off, and Marcela’s seeing red. Pride vs prejudicehe’s used to spell-induced affection and she’d been burned once before.

In a cruel twist of fate, the very magic that gave her the means to pursue her passion also broke the spell that caused it. Out of her element marcela’s world has been turned upside-down--literally. Once a proud member of her father King Triton’s royal guard, she’s now the victim of an angel’s curse.

The fates of a warrior angel and a bespelled mermaid are forever entangled in the fourth Blood Prince series novel by USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Blackstream.


Corruption Blood Trails Book 4

Skeleton Key Publishing #ad - But who can she trust when the demon who survived the exorcism creates chaos among allies and suspects alike?After all, with the proper temptation, anyone can be corrupted. An exorcism went horribly, horribly wrong. Did the ritual fail?Or was it sabotaged. Shade is a witch, not an exorcist. If she's going to survive against the army of enemies piling up, she's going to need help.

But when two priests are killed during an exorcism, the surviving witness begs Shade to find out who–or what–is responsible. And what good is a private investigator who's afraid of the tough cases?Danger mounts as Shade plunges into a world of hedonism to wade through the muddy waters of good vs evil.


Golden Stair Blood Prince Series Book 3

Skeleton Key Publishing #ad - And the demon is clear about what he can offer her…and what he can’t. Body and soulan evil witch does not willingly give up the power she’s spent a lifetime building, and Ivy’s mother is ready to do whatever it takes to keep her daughter home. When a devastatingly handsome demon brings her isolation to a sudden and dramatic end, it takes only one searing kiss to shatter Ivy’s world.

Now she’s desperate to see what else is out there, to have a life beyond the tiny existence she’s led so far. Resigned to his fate, he hides his pain behind a cryptic smile and a puff of smoke, carrying on with his carnal pursuits of the flesh as his heart dies a little more with every passing lover.

But if she leaves, there will be no going home. Despite the danger, adonis and ivy are drawn together like phoenixes to flame—and if they’re not careful, they’ll both burn. If she leaves, she can never go home again ivy has lived alone with her mother, locked away from the rest of the world, for her entire life.

Golden Stair Blood Prince Series Book 3 #ad - . Usa today bestselling author jennifer blackstream returns to her blood prince series with another enchanting twisted fairy tale in book three, as a devil-may-care incubus finds himself at the mercy of an imprisoned sun maiden with the world’s most overprotective witch for a mother… A WICKEDLY SEDUCTIVE DEMON Bound by a divine vow, the demon prince Adonis is forbidden from seeking the one thing he wants most—true love.

Then he meets a woman with the power to save him—but it will cost her her life.