Cornell 5/8/77 5LP

Grateful Dead Production - The complete live show has been plangentized by Plangent Processes and remastered by GRAMMY ® award winning sound engineer, Jeffrey Norman. After several years the master tapes were seemingly lost for good, but that all changed at the end of 2016. Library of congress, historically, an honor bestowed upon music/songs that "are culturally, or aesthetically important.

Cornell 5/8/77 was recorded live directly from the soundboards by Betty Cantor-Jackson. The lost tapes, finally made their way back home to the Grateful Dead vault, or lost “Betty boards” as they are commonly known, making it possible to officially bring the world this legendary show. Shrink-wrapped.

Cornell 5/8/77 5LP - The most celebrated grateful Dead show in history available now in a 140 gram, 5-LP vinyl set. The forces aligned for the dead on may 8, 1977, cornell University, at Barton Hall, Ithaca, NY; for what many hail the pinnacle performance of their 30-year career. So revered is the performance, that an audience recording of this show joined Prince’s Purple Rain and Dolly Parton’s Coat Of Many Colors as 2012’s inductees into the National Recording Registry of the U.

Europe '72 3LP

Grateful Dead Production - Shrink-wrapped. Released in conjunction with the Europe 72 box and Europe 72 Vol. 2 2cd release, europe '72 was pressed at rti on 180-gram vinyl with lacquers cut from the original analog album masters by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Features all original replica packaging, including an 8 page book.

Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR, 5/19/74 Limited6LP

Grateful Dead Production - The complete portland memorial Coliseum show from 5/19/74 presented on 6LP, 180-gram vinyl. This show was mastered in HDCD from the original master tapes by Jeffrey Norman at Mockingbird Mastering. Shrink-wrapped. The transfers from the masters were transferred and restored by Plangent Processes, further ensuring that this is the best, most authentic that this show have ever sounded.


The Baker's Dozen Live At Madison Square Garden

JEMP Records - The complete baker’s dozen box Set includes every note of music from the historic 13-night on 36-CDs. What i saw, ” wrote the new york times’ ben ratliff, better than I’ve seen and heard recently, ” was a purposeful band in energetic form, more willing to let songs assume their own proportions, and going far into its own catalog.

The baker’s dozen is available in three formats: a 3-cd or 6-lp set with 13 tracks hand-picked by the band and The Complete Baker’s Dozen Box Set, which includes the ENTIRE run on 36-CDs. All versions have been fully remixed by legendary engineer Elliot Scheiner. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. During the run, the band performed 26 unique sets featuring a grand total of 237 songs with not one repeated.

The Baker's Dozen Live At Madison Square Garden - The complete baker’s dozen will be limited to ONE PRINTING and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Shrink-wrapped. The baker’s dozen earned accolades from a wide array of national publications, including a nod from Rolling Stone’s David Fricke in his “Year In Rock 2017” wrap-up. In 2017, phish performed “the baker’s dozen, ” a milestone 13-show run at Madison Square Garden held over 17 nights.

Live / Dead

Warner - Grateful dead - live Dead - LP Vinyl Album Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Vinyl 4 LP, 180 Gram, Red / Blue Vinyl, Includes Download - A Live One

JEMP Records - Gumbo” featured an updated version of Phish’s own Giant Country Horns. A live one contains twelve original phish compositions, ” "slave To The Traffic Light, ” "Simple, five of which were previously unreleased: "Gumbo, ” "Wilson, ” and "Harry Hood. The record was sequenced to approximate a two-set phish performance and every track from the more-than-two-hour collection is notable - from the thirty-plus minute “Tweezer” to the “Wilson” opener from the band’s first Madison Square Garden show.

The laquers for the vinyl edition were cut from the 1/2" flat masters by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. The band produced the album, selecting the material and overseeing the mix to 1/2" reels in March-April 1995 with Ed Thacker and his team of engineers at Bearsville Studios.

Each lp is pressed onto 180g vinyl and includes a free MP3 download of the album transferred from vinyl. A live one was released by Elektra June 27, 1995 on CD and cassette. Shrink-wrapped. After five studio albums, a live one captured and conveyed the magic of the band’s improvisational live shows, and every song on the record except “Montana” has remained a staple of Phish shows ever since.

Vinyl 4 LP, 180 Gram, Red / Blue Vinyl, Includes Download - A Live One - On october 27, phish and jemp records will release A Live One, the band's inaugural live album, for the first time on vinyl in a limited edition 4-LP set. A live one was recorded primarily by paul languedoc on multitrack DA-88 DTRS digital tapes throughout Phish’s 1994 summer, fall and holiday concert tours.

Aoxomoxoa 50th Anniversary EditionPicture Disc

Grateful Dead Production - Phish- a live one Red / Blue Vinyl. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Junta Deluxe 3LP Edition

JEMP Records - Shrink-wrapped. Includes a download card for MP3s from the vinyl master. This 3-lp 180g vinyl set was manufactured by Furnace MFG. Original art by Jim Pollock. Junta is the first full-length studio album from the band Phish. The original 1/4" analog session tapes recorded in 1988-1989 were mastered by Bernie Grundman Mastering creating an analog-to-analog vinyl master for Junta Deluxe.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Phish- a live one Red / Blue Vinyl.

Aoxomoxoa 50th Anniversary Edition2CD

Grateful Dead Production - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Phish- a live one Red / Blue Vinyl.

Long Strange Trip Motion Picture Soundtrack 6LPAmazon Exclusive

Grateful Dead Productions B073VDTW8N - Phish- a live one Red / Blue Vinyl. Fantasy, ” and “Hey Jude. The expanded 6 lp soundtrack available exclusively on amazon features an additional 80 minutes of music, which include 2 additional previously unreleased versions of iconic Grateful Dead songs “Stella Blue, ” and “Days Between. Shrink-wrapped.

The 2-cd soundtrack features 5 previously unreleased versions of dead classics including “Dark Star, ” “I know you Rider, ” “China Cat Sunflower, ” and Dead covers of “Dear Mr. Shrink-wrapped. The film, executive produced by martin scorsese and directed by Amir Bar-Lev, probes the creative forces, subversive ambitions, and interpersonal dynamics that drove the band in their 30-year career.

Long Strange Trip Motion Picture Soundtrack 6LPAmazon Exclusive - Shrink-wrapped. Amazon exclusive 6 lp set of the official motion Picture Soundtrack to the unprecedented four-hour rock documentary about the legendary band the Grateful Dead.

Anthem Of The Sun 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition12" Picture DiscLimited

Grateful Dead Production - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Phish- a live one Red / Blue Vinyl. This 12” vinyl picture disc features newly remastered audio from the 1971 Mix. Both sides feature full color imagery. Shrink-wrapped.