Death List Silas Beck Crime Thriller Book 1

- But when longtime friend and Vice President Daniel Rothman asks him to investigate the murder, Beck knows he can’t refuse. The former detective soon realizes there’s much more at stake than a political grudge gone wrong when a US Senator joins the body count. As the death toll rises, beck and partner tony Chen follow the clues through DC’s darkened back alleys and the perilous web of lies leading all the way to the White House.

With the nation in a state of panic, Beck knows he must catch the killer before a sinister conspiracy hijacks American democracy. If you like near-future sci-fi settings, and tough-as-nails detectives, political intrigue, then you’ll love John Sneeden’s fast-paced thrill ride. Get your copy now. The year is 2042.

Death List Silas Beck Crime Thriller Book 1 - A killer prowls through the drone-clogged streets of Washington, DC. The first victim is a us intelligence official, who is found strangled in a place he shouldn’t have been. Some believe the assassin is an android, while others believe a foreign enemy is behind the intrigue. But everyone agrees on one thing: there is only one man who can solve the crime.

After a personal tragedy shook him to his core, Silas Beck thought he had put his detective work behind him.

Cold Blood Silas Beck Crime Thriller Book 2

- The second victim was brutally stabbed to death, and he appears to have no known link to Hamilton. World-renowned sleuth silas beck and fellow investigator Tony Chen are on vacation at the resort, but their rest is cut short when a local detective asks for their help. With the storm growing worse by the hour, the newly-assembled team faces a killer who always seems to be one step ahead of the investigation.

With few clues and many suspects, they hit one dead end after another. Unfortunately, the long night is far from over. When a third body is found, aspen police Chief Leonard Speer makes an announcement that sends shock waves through the resort: a serial killer may be walking in their midst. As beck and chen dig deeper into the past lives of those around them, they uncover dark secrets that soon form the portrait of a killer.

Cold Blood Silas Beck Crime Thriller Book 2 - If you like a classic whodunit with the pulse-pounding twists and turns of a thriller, then you’ll love Cold Blood. Get started now. Aspen, Colorado. As a record-breaking snow hits the town, famous Hollywood director Richard Hamilton is found dead on the slopes of an upscale resort. Was it an accident or was he murdered by one of the many people who might want him dead?Shortly after the investigation begins, another body is found.

A killer surfaces in the storm.

The Hades Conspiracy Delphi Group Thriller Book 3

John Sneeden - The order’s goal is to find the most infamous of all destinations. It’s a place of legend, and for some, a place of unspeakable horror. As the trail descends into the subterranean darkness, a chilling question arises: what will they find there?If you like religious thrillers with twists, turns, and a dash of horror, then you’ll love The Hades Conspiracy.

Get your copy now. Does hell exist?american archaeologist Richard Pauling disappears in Venice and is presumed dead. The united states government, anxious to learn who killed him and why, calls on the Delphi Group to investigate. Senior operative zane watson leads a team to Italy, where they make a startling discovery: Pauling had recently acquired a mysterious map of unknown origin and purpose.

The Hades Conspiracy Delphi Group Thriller Book 3 - To the south, the underground vault of the Vatican Secret Archives is breached by a covert figure seeking an ancient relic shrouded in mystery. The delphi team soon learns an ancient order is behind the intrigue.

The Portal Delphi Group Thriller Book 2

John Sneeden - Nasa detects a strange signal deep in the Amazon rainforest. The sound has only been recorded on two other occasions: once from inside the Andromeda Galaxy. Was it produced by alien intelligence or something even more sinister?Determined to discover the source, the US government turns to the Delphi Group.

Senior delphi operative zane watson is tapped to lead a select contingent of academics, locals, and US Army Special Forces deep into the heart of the Amazon, seeking to unlock the mystery of who or what is hidden there. Stalked by a shadowy group with their own agenda and facing terrors both ancient and modern, the team follows a trail of clues to a dark corner of the jungle, a place so horrifying that even the indigenous people fear crossing its borders.

The Portal Delphi Group Thriller Book 2 - If you like pulse-pounding adventures that keep you turning pages deep into the night, thenThe Portal is the book you’ve been looking for. Get your copy now.

The Mason Black Trilogy

- Three gripping novels. One addictive set. Have you met mason black? he’s a tough-talking, no-nonsense private investigator with rougher edges than a serrated blade. As an ex-cop, mason believes it’s his duty to put these criminals behind bars, but it’s those around him who suffer the consequences of his actions.

The mason black trilogy collects all three novels from the bestselling series, each one a gripping page-turner with short chapters and unforgettable twists. But he’s also a family man, a loving father and devoted husband, which only makes it harder when tracking a serial killer. It’s one psychopath after the other in this rocket-paced trilogy, where devious killers stalk the streets of San Francisco.

The Mason Black Trilogy - . Perfect for fans of James Patterson and Harlan Coben.

Betrayal: A Delphi Group Novella: Delphi Group Series

- Like patrick, she finds her memory is mostly a blank slate, but she does remember traveling to France before her programming began. With a professional hit team hot on their heels, the two flee to Paris, where they hope to unravel the mystery of their past. He knows his name is patrick, but he doesn’t know where he’s at or how he got there, only that he’s being held against his will.

A man wakes up in a place he doesn’t recognize. Worse yet, he doesn’t even know his own identity. A pulse-pounding 92-page novella from the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling Delphi Group thriller series. A man regains consciousness in an unfamiliar room. Using the only clue they have, they slowly begin to find the answers they were looking for.

Betrayal: A Delphi Group Novella: Delphi Group Series - But as the truth is revealed and the body count rises, they soon begin to wonder if they should’ve just walked away. If you like lightning fast thrillers that will keep you up late at night, then Betrayal is the book you’ve been looking for. Get your copy now. When he overhears a conversation between two men in the hallway, it soon becomes clear he and others are being held as subjects of a dark and sinister experiment.

Using skills he didn’t realize he had, Patrick escapes with fellow captive Danielle.

Storm Surge: EMP Survival in a Powerless World

- Stranded and concerned for her family's safety, she must rely on her wit to reach landfall before the storm hits. Little does she know that the incoming Category Four hurricane is the least of her problems. In a flash, the united States of America is sent back to the stone age. Maxine winters, an overworked yet successful veterinarian, finds herself trapped out at sea when an electromagnetic pulse erupts over South Florida.

The Hunt for Excalibur Sam Reilly Book 16

Ashton Publishing Group - The crew, having discovered their mistake, raced toward the harbor in the hope that they might survive. They never made it. Presumed sunk by the tsunami that ravaged the coastline of Japan, its crew were declared dead. By the time the us department of Fish and Wildlife arrived to investigate, people in the nearby towns had started to die in terrifying and inexplicable ways.

Sam reilly will need to discover what really happened on board the Hoshi Maru – and why all clues point to the Legend of King Arthur…. Seven years later, the shipwreck washed up on Cannon Beach, Oregon. On march 11, the japanese fishing trawler, 2011, Hoshi Maru accidentally hauled up something deadly into its live-fish hold.

The History of Medieval Europe

Landgrave Books - His book the history of medieval Europe was first published in 1917 and he passed away in 1965. In 410 alaric, king of the Visigoths, sacked the city of Rome. Never again would the Roman Empire regain complete control over the western half of Europe. Yet, this would not be the civilization in Europe. After a brief period of anarchy and turmoil various nations across the continent rose up and forged new ideas and identities that not only drew upon the classical past but upon them and developed them far more than their Roman and Greek forebears could envisage.

Lynn thorndike’s remarkable book the history of Medieval Europe explores the development of Europe and its civilization, from the decline of the Roman Empire to the opening of the sixteenth century. At the outset of the book, germany, such as france, that the general plan is to treat medieval Europe as a whole rather than to give the respective histories of individual nations, Thorndike explains, England, and Italy.

Counter to swiss historian jacob burckhardt who argued that the Italian Renaissance was a separate phase, social, Thorndike believed that most of the political, moral and religious phenomena which are commonly defined as Renaissance seemed to be almost equally characteristic of Italy at any time from the twelfth to the eighteenth centuries.

The History of Medieval Europe - Local division, not national unity and central government, is surely the striking feature through most of the medieval centuries. Through the course of the book thorndike uncovers many fascinating subjects and themes, the conflicts between Papacy and Emperors, including the emergence of Christianity as the dominant religion of the continent, how feudalism developed, the Islamic invasions of the eighth century, Charlemagne and the creation of the Holy Roman Empire, the expansion of merchant trade and how it was dominated by guilds, up to the emergence of the Renaissance.

The book is a fresh, scholarly, and up-to-date treatment mediaeval history by an experienced and successful teacher of the subject.

In Our Blood: A Jake Hawksworth Thriller

Outskirts Press, Inc. - Homicide detective jake hawksworth, still reeling from the unsolved hit-and-run death of his wife, is investigating the murder of a local woman. Is the kidnapping of drew’s son somehow linked to the murder jake is investigating? Was Jake’s wife’s death really an accident? And could the person who has haunted Drew and Jake for decades be responsible for these seemingly unrelated events? THE TERROR MOUNTS.

As jake races against time to save Drew’s son, a cat-and-mouse game ensues. Evil isn't always learned. Sometimes it's In Our Blood. The game unfolds. Best-selling author Drew McCauley is penning his latest suspense novel. The plot thickens. Jaw-dropping twists and unexpected turns, culminate in a showdown at a storm-ravaged house, soaked in a bucket of red herrings, where long-buried secrets are unearthed and unspeakable truths exposed.

In Our Blood: A Jake Hawksworth Thriller - When a horrific crime from drew’s novel-in-the-making becomes a devastating reality, he enlists the aid of Jake, who helped Drew through a traumatic experience years before.

The Signal Delphi Group Thriller Book 1

John Sneeden - Read the book that started it all, from Amazon #1 bestselling author John Sneeden. Former nasa engineer Ian Higgs is shot dead on the streets of London. Prior to his death, higgs sent a letter to his daughter that may shed light on the identity of his killer. The united states government, with its own interest in the matter, turns to the Delphi Group.

Led by zane watson, the team follows the letter's clues across Europe, from the streets of Vienna to an ancient cathedral in Geneva. The trail ends at cern, the famed physics laboratory and home to the world's largest particle collider. As a snow storm rages outside, the delphi team uncovers a shocking secret: a shadowy group plans to use the collider to tear a hole in the heavens and open a parallel universe.

The Signal Delphi Group Thriller Book 1 - Soon only one question remains: what might come through from the other side?If you like page-turning thrillers with a dash of science fiction and horror, then you'll love The Signal. Get your copy now.