One Little Indian Us - Bjork - medulla - CD.


Elektra - No description Available. Genre: popular musicmedia format: compact DiskRating: Release Date: 23-SEP-1997 Bjork- Homogenic.


One Little Indian Us - New combo bluwavs cd and flac fiLE Bjork- Homogenic.


Elektra / WEA - Includes collaborations with Tricky, Howie B & Nellee Hooper. 1995 album featuring "it's Oh So Quiet" & "Army Of Me". Bjork- Homogenic. Bjork- Post.


Atlantic - Issue. Bjork- Post. 2007 release. Bjork returns to her iconic, innovative and rhythmic roots with Volta. U. S. Featuring her own infamous beats and collaborations with timbaland, Brian Chippendale and an all-female Icelandic brass section, Antony Hegarty, the end result is an explosion of beats and an amalgamtion of sound and visuals that give Volta a life of its own, like the world hasn't seen from Bjork in years.

Bjork- Homogenic. Rock.


Elektra - Bjork- Post. Rock. Issue. No description Available. Genre: popular musicmedia format: compact DiskRating: Release Date: 13-JUL-1993 Bjork- Homogenic. U. S. 2007 release.


One Little Indian Us - Issue. Rock. Bjork- Post. 9 tracks - 2015 Bjork- Homogenic. 2007 release. U. S.


One Little Indian Us - Issue. Limited digipak : fluttering 2017 album from the Icelandic art-pop queen. 2007 release. Includes "The Gate". A 71-minute opus! Produced by Arca. U. S. Rock. Bjork- Post. Shrink-wrapped. Bjork- Homogenic.


Nonesuch 22035606 - Shrink-wrapped. What i always wanted to do was to reconnect musicology with nature, " Icelandic composer and performer Björk recently told the New York Times. Issue. In addition to the music itself, that feature games, designed by the industry's most creative minds, this project will offer interactive iPad apps, music, and editorial content-allowing listeners to explore more deeply the concepts and sounds of each of Biophilia's 13 songs.

I always wanted to make bass lines behave like gravity. Biophilia is the icelandic singer and composer's most ambitious undertaking in a 20-year career distinguished by continuous innovation and artistic evolution. The artistic and technological reach of Biophilia is nothing short of visionary. Bjork- Homogenic.

Bjork- Post. On vespertine, björk rhapsodized about a new romance; here, she attempts nothing less than to retell the story of the creation of the universe in her own compellingly idiosyncratic voice. 2007 release. The album title refers to a love of all living things, music, Björk brilliantly connects nature, and in every aspect of this game-changing multi-media effort, and technology.

Biophilia - As new york times critic jon pareles has put it, "biophilia is a possible paradigm for the 21st-century album, one that welcomes the interactivity of the Internet and harnesses the power and flexibility of devices that incorporate video, audio and user control far beyond the play button. Media artist and chief biophilia apps designer Scott Snibbe, enthuses, "To me, it feels like the birth of opera or the birth of cinema.


One Little Indian Us - U. S. Bjork- Post. Rock. Bjork- Homogenic. Shrink-wrapped. 2007 release. Issue. Shrink-wrapped.


One Little Indian Im - Rock. Shrink-wrapped. 2007 release. Bjork- Post. Bjork- Homogenic. U. S. Shrink-wrapped. Issue.