- His visions of the near future are daunting. As soon as he arrives in what the shifters call the Southern pack, Bash starts to see more clearly his role in what comes next and how one broken woman fits into the whole plan. Book 7bash fuller is the last of his siblings to be human. He knows three things for sure.

One: his uncle, the man they call The General, is going to stir things up, altering life as everyone knows it. Two: the success or failure of their plan to take down The General rests on the unlikely shoulders of a woman, who is unable to control her shifting and tends to attack men when they are near.

PREDICTION: ASCENSION BOOK 7 - . Three: he won’t always be human.

Attraction Ascension Book 8

- Now, it was time for damage control. Between being followed by one rather pesky reporter and feeling unusually attracted to one of the three unmated males, Teen is beginning to understand that this mission might cost more than she bargained for. Shifters were exposed, no more hiding from the truth. Alternating between public appearances, gunner, and hiding from the humans during the night, featuring Bash and Haven, Teen is chosen to guard the couple along with her partner, and two other enforcers, Marco and Cain.

Book 8 in the ascension series The last thing that Teen thought she would find as they embarked on their mission was a mate.

Reaction: Book 6 in the Ascension series

- So what’s taking so long? Despite the fact that he was drugged at the time, altered, and out of control, he knows that the punishment for his crime is death. His crime, turning a human against her will. She has avoided confronting her attacker, burdened with his fate, but she suddenly feels as if she is running out of time.

John has been in a cell waiting for more than a month. Book 6when samantha sam fuller awakens from what seems to be a dream with a message, she decides it’s time to confront her past.

Persuasion Ascension Book 9

- What he doesn’t know is that his future depends on saving a woman who has already given up hope. For now, cain cheveyo has promised Blaire that he would help find her mate, Marco’s sister. Persuasion is book 9 in the ascension series. Book 9 convincing the humans that shifters are no threat will take time.

Rumors of a lab nearby gives them hope. Contacting a group calling themselves ‘the militia’ is their best bet.

RECOGNITION Ascension Book 5

- After spending a month getting her sister Samantha settled in the Southern pack, she was going home. Book 5 in the ascension series Yasmine Fuller knew, the moment she met him, that Callum Cheveyo was her destiny. She was his mate. The problem was Callum was not the only one wanting to claim her. Callum cheveyo had been patient, but when he saw that Yasmine had come back, he wasn’t wasting time.

She just hadn’t told anyone else, including Callum.

Diversion: Ascension Book 4

- Amy had always followed her instincts, gone with her gut. Amy winslow felt like a fraud. She had walked right in the front door. This time, it might have been a huge mistake. If the other women, who had been captured by a Psychopathic werewolf, knew the truth, they would think she was crazy. So, why was she still sure that she was meant to be there?

Unlike the others, she hadn’t been kidnapped. Book 4 in the Ascension series.

Dallas Howlin Ranch Book 3

- She left her pack and family behind to avoid a forced mating to the man claiming to be Alpha of the Black Claw Pack. Ryan jamison wasn’t going to give up. The hunted was now the hunter. It was time to take her fate into her own hands. Jamison is no Alpha and she knows it. She knew the time would come when she’d have to face the truth.

She was alpha born, she was a trained enforcer, and she was tired of looking over her shoulder. Howlin ranch book 3Aubrey Lovell has been hiding for years. She just hadn’t expected a man who was destined to be her mate, and hell bent on ignoring that fact, to be the one to deliver the news. She could deal with this man later.

Transition: Ascension book 3

- Humans don’t normally experience that instant soul deep connection. Taken prisoner, experimented on, and locked in a cage for the past few years should have broken her. Book 3lanie Williams was lucky to be alive. The problem is that the one man she wants, the only man her wolf will except, thinks she’s damaged goods.

. When the mate fever hits her, she’s not sure what to think. When nadine and maddox cheveyo arrived to rescue her and the others, she was grateful to be free, even if she was a shifter now.

Redemption: Ascension Book 2 Ascencion

- When nate howland follows his sister, Nadine, he hopes that he and his brother, to her new pack, Nick, can find a cure for Lycanosis. On the surface, things look bad for Quinn Kilborn. Now, if she can just convince Nate Howland to listen to her before killing her. Book 2 in the Ascension series. She did create the formula that is harming weres, but there is more to the story, more information that could save her.

. This new disease seems to strip the wolf from a shifter, leaving him less than human, with no will to live. What he finds is that lycanosis is no disease, it’s a formula created by a Human woman.

JACKSON Howlin Ranch Book 2

- One touch confirmed what his heart had already accepted. Her boys needed to learn to control their shifting. Jackson is everything a man should be and more. Now, all he had to do was tell her. Jackson knew the moment he saw her that she was his mate. Her children needed a pack, so she had found one. As a human, she knew nothing about raising shifters.

When the alpha’s brothers take her and her boys in to protect them, she can’t help but notice one of them. Dianna Lovell was done running. The boys’ father would want her to move on. When the howlin Alpha took her in, she was grateful. What has her confused was the intensity in which she wanted this man.

JACKSON Howlin Ranch Book 2 - . She was his. So what if she was human, on the run, and mother to three Shifter boys. He didn’t question it, didn’t deny it like his brother Phoenix had when he met Ellis. Since her husband had died and even before his death, they had been running from the Black Claw Pack.

Ascension: Ascension book 1

- When an ascension ceremony is held to announce the new Alphas of several packs, Barron Howland makes the unheard of decision to name his daughter, Nadine, his successor. Nadine expected to be challenged. Alpha born females have always existed, but none have ever achieved the role of Pack Alpha in their own right.

What she hadn’t expected is finding her true mate in the process. If you enjoyed the Shifted and the Bitten series you will love Ascension. Characters from both series join forces in the first book of this new series. Book 1nadine Howland is about to make history. She expected that some Alpha males would object to a female in a position of power.