Seduced by Madness: The True Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case

HarperCollins e-books #ad - Filled with the most complete case facts and interviews available, Seduced by Madness offers an unparalleled look at one of the most captivating murder cases in recent years. She was fifteen when she visited the therapist; still a teen when they had sex. The arrest and subsequent trial quickly became one of the most talked about murder cases in the country, as spectators and reporters learned the strange history behind this shocking killing.

Examining the decadent culture of california in the 1970s, like others in the mental health profession, Pogash looks at how, a fifteen-year-old Susan found herself caught in the grasp of Felix, in this period of drugs and sexual exploration, her therapist—who, fell for every passing trend in mental health therapy.

Three years after felix's death, and here pogash provides a first-hand account of the wild, Susan Polk was tried for first degree murder, media-circus trial in which Susan defended herself and cross-examined two of her sons. Culled from years of careful research, pogash reconstructs the vague beginnings of the couple's sexual relationship in the therapist's office, exploring how Felix's relaxed attitude toward therapy blinded him to the complex nature of Susan's mental state, and how their mutual obsession with each other sealed their fate.

Seduced by Madness: The True Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case #ad - With lyrical prose, pogash skillfully traces the Polks' story—from their early yearnings for one another through their flawed marriage, which produced three highly intelligent but emotionally divided sons. Now in seduced by madness, carol pogash—the leading journalist working the case—has written the definitive account of the Polk family saga, offering a rich and textured re-creation of this disturbing and tragic American tale.

She was twenty-five when she married him and forty-four when she killed him.


BETTER OFF DEAD: A Sordid True Story of Sex, Sin and Murder

WildBlue Press #ad - This gregarious couple seemed matched by their love of family, friends and good times. But the partying had gotten out of control for Sabrina. There was boozing and wife-swapping and group sex. Once a turn-on, it now left Sabrina feeling debased, dehumanized, spiritually adrift. With informants, undercover cops and wiretaps, investigators discover a romance fueled by lies and dangerous fantasies.

But are sabrina and jonathan merely covering up an affair? Or are they hiding a conspiracy that led to murder? Robert won't talk about it, boat, consumed by his work, truck and porn. With jonathan showering sabrina with poetry, gifts, illicit sex, of course, religious insights and, a devious plan is hatched; one hot August night Robert Limon is found dead of two gunshots in a pool of blood.

BETTER OFF DEAD: A Sordid True Story of Sex, Sin and Murder #ad - False leads send police into dead-ends until a tip arrives from a most unexpected place. A husband who degrades and ignores her. For sabrina, it's a stunning betrayal that hurtles the case back to a perfect little place in the desert. A frustrated, unhappy wife. The stage is set for a love-triangle murder that shatters family illusions and lays bare a quiet family community's seedy secret world of sex, sin and swinging.

Better off dead, the latest true crime book from new york times bestselling author Michael Fleeman, strips away the pleasant veneer of the Silver Lakes neighborhood in California's high desert to tell a shocking story about a headline-grabbing crime. Sabrina limon, a vivacious blond mother of two and part-time "sample girl" at Costco, is handing out free food samples one day when in walks handsome young firefighter Jonathan Hearn shopping for the station.


Post-Mortem: Justice at Last for Yvette Budram

HarperCollins Publishers #ad - A jogger running in a field near the perimeter of the African Lion Safari theme park in southern Ontario stumbles across a near-mummified skeleton. But who was she?award-winning journalist and author Jon Wells delivers a gripping, CSI-style story that was shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award for best crime non-fiction.

The remains are studied at a hospital morgue by a forensic pathologist, a forensic anthropologist and a forensic entomologist known as "the bug lady". They discover that the victim was female, non-Caucasian. A match is found to yvette budram, a woman from Guyana who immigrated to Canada and married a man named Mohan Ramkissoon.

Post-Mortem: Justice at Last for Yvette Budram #ad - The police soon discover the first of many twists in the case--Yvette's prints are in the Canadian Police Information Centre system because she has a criminal record for uttering death threats against her husband. Post-mortem shows how hamilton, Ontario, homicide investigator Paul Lahaie and his team chase a case in which the first challenge is finding the victim.

One of the forensic detectives hits upon the secret to cracking the identity of the dead woman: rehydrating the hardened skin on her fingertips and rolling it for prints. A blood-spatter expert is brought in--but what can the police now prove in this cold case? Mohan denies doing anything wrong.


Without Mercy: Obsession and Murder Under the Influence

Crossroad Press #ad - Bryant wanted his live-in lover, IHOP owner Art Venecia, dead. But it is also the story of middle-class citizens gone wrong, the traumas of alcoholism, of an almost-perfect murder, and a legal system that can be deadly in itself. Dee casteel was an ordinary woman—who now stands convicted of one of the most cold-blooded crimes of this century.

She was also a three-bottle-a-day alcoholic, hopelessly in love with the IHOP’s manager, Allen Bryant. And dee casteel helped him to arrange it. After venecia’s murder, dee and bryant moved into his house, spent his money, forged checks, and embezzled from the IHOP to buy gifts for Bryant’s boyfriends.

Without Mercy: Obsession and Murder Under the Influence #ad - . On any sunday morning in the florida redlands, cheerful waitress, dee casteel might have served you pancakes at the ihop …she was a hard-working, one of the nicest people you’d ever want to know. But there was an even more gruesome killing to come …WITHOUT MERCY is an engrossing, bizarre true story that traces the twisted path to a loathsome crime.


Mommy Deadliest Pinnacle True Crime

Pinnacle #ad - They called her "The Black Widow. And with good reason. Case featured on 20/20 anti-Freeze For A Husband It looked like a suicide. A killer for a mother charged with murdering her second husband--and attempting to kill her oldest daughter--Stacey Castor sparked a media frenzy. The authorities would find Ashley with a suicide note, confessing to the anti-freeze murder.

But when police dug up her first husband's grave--and found anti-freeze in his body, too--this New York housewife earned a nickname that would follow her all the way to prison. Includes 16 pages of Shocking Photos. And a turkey baster in the garbage had police wondering if she force-fed the toxic fluid down her husband's throat.

Mommy Deadliest Pinnacle True Crime #ad - Pills for a daughter In desperation, Stacey concocted a devious plan. But fingerprints on the glass belonged to the deceased's wife, Stacey Castor. A man's corpse on the bathroom floor--next to a half-empty glass of anti-freeze. But stacey's plan backfired--because Ashley refused to die. She mixed a deadly cocktail of vodka and pills, then served it to her twenty-year-old daughter Ashley.


Doc: The Rape of the Town of Lovell

Crime Rant Classics #ad - When Dr. Engrossing true drama--and a more balanced than usual picture of Mormon life and values. Jack olsen’s books have published in fifteen countries and eleven languages. The philadelphia Inquirer described him as "an American treasure. Olsen was described as "the dean of true crime authors" by the Washington Post and the New York Daily News and "the master of true crime" by the Detroit Free Press and Newsday.

Story's office. In riveting detail, their neighbors, and an entire town publishers weekly: this masterful book by the author of Son, as much a searching sociological study as a true-crime narrative, veteran crime writer Jack Olsen tells the searing story of a small group of courageous women who decided to bring a doctor to justice — and unearthed a legacy of pain and anger that would divide their families, tells what happened in Lovell when these happenings came to light: the community lost its bearings and the doctor was convicted of rape.

Kirkus: from popular true-crime veteran Olsen Son; Cold Kill; etc. The widely publicized case that tore a small Wyoming town apart when the local doctor was accused, then convicted, of raping patients under the guise of giving them pelvic examinations. Lowell, wyoming, was a town divided largely along religious lines: a Mormon majority and a Baptist minority.

Doc: The Rape of the Town of Lovell #ad - Some victims had been silent because of the mormon code that seemed to hold women responsible for any extramarital sex; others had taken their case to the police and not been believed, to Church leaders who told them to switch doctors, and to the medical association which did nothing. Mostly mormons, the naive victims sometimes realized on their wedding nights the truth about what had happened in Dr.

Olsen's journalism earned the national headliners award, the Washington State Governor's Award, Chicago Newspaper Guild's Page One Award, commendations from Columbia and Indiana Universities, the Scripps-Howard Award and other honors.


Sleep In Heavenly Peace Pinnacle True Crime

Pinnacle #ad - 16 pages of Shocking Photos. The statute of limitations on manslaughter had saved her then from prosecution. Justice deferred in 1989, police had found the remains of a long-dead infant in a suitcase in the trunk of a car Odell had abandoned. She'd kept the bodies for over twenty years before abandoning them.

Police traced them to dianne odell, a mother of eight children, 50, who admitted the babies were hers but claimed that they'd died of natural causes. Cold storage in may 2003, an arizona man who'd bought dozens of sealed boxes at a self-storage facility's auction of unclaimed property made a horrifying discovery: the bodies of three plastic-wrapped infants, one of which had become mummified over the years.

Sleep In Heavenly Peace Pinnacle True Crime #ad - Baby-killer's fate odell said her own domineering mother had forced her into teen prostitution and murdered what she viewed as "bastard children. Both parents were dead and unable to contradict her. She maintained that the fetus was the product of a rape by her father and, after he beat her, was stillborn.

Would odell's stories sway the jury and buy her the mercy her babies were never granted? Or would she be forced to face the consequences of bringing innocent lives into the world--only to end them in cold blood.


Murder on Birchleaf Drive: The True Story of the Michelle Young Murder Case

Black Lyon Publishing, LLC #ad - Jean G. Edmunds, Jr. 2001-2017; judge, north carolina court of appeals, North Carolina Supreme Court, Associate Justice, 1999-2001; U. S. Of a 32-year-old man who behaved like a frat boy rebelling against adult responsibilities. Murder on birchleaf drive documents the gripping tale of a family’s marathon quest for justice, confounding crime scene evidence, persistence of law enforcement officers, and riveting courtroom combat.

A compelling and accurate description of a fascinating murder case, from the initial investigation through the twists and turns of two trials, and all the strategic decisions in between. One of the best true crime books I have read. Very entertaining. David S. Prepare yourself for an intense, heart-pounding read!”—Dr.

Murder on Birchleaf Drive: The True Story of the Michelle Young Murder Case #ad - Soon after the 29-year-old pregnant mother’s brutally beaten body was discovered on their bedroom floor, a very different picture emerged. Attorney, 2011-2017; superior court judge, 2002-2010“there is no way to put down this book! Once you begin, Middle District of North Carolina, it draws you in right from the start.

Stacie overman, co-star of syfy’s “ghost mine, ” author of ANGEL KISSES: NO MORE CANCER. Attorney, middle district of north carolina, 1986-1993"A great read, and a must- read, for those who are fascinated with the drama of real life—it’s even better than fiction. Colon willoughby, 1987-2014"an excellent book, District Attorney of Wake County, North Carolina, and I recommend it highly.


Salt of the Earth

Crime Rant Classics #ad - From the first minutes of the investigation, suspicion fell on Michael Kay Green, a steroid-abusing "Mr. Jack olsen has been lauded for his psychological insights into the most violent criminals in such previous masterworks as Doc, and Predator, The Misbegotten Son, but he has never overlooked their victims.

The wanderlust ensues from Joe's first career misfortune, as a cop disabled during a melee with a mob. Universe" hopeful, but there was no proof of a crime, leaving police and prosecutors stymied. Tips and sightings poured in as lawmen and volunteers combed the Cascades forest in the biggest search on Northwest history.

Salt of the Earth #ad - . His relatives thought that incident started his slide toward suicide, and his addictive regrets of hitting her and promises to reform abuse of Elaine demonstrates the complexity of Joe's insidious demons. But he holds on, elaine remaining loyal, until another bolt from the blue--the kidnapping and murder of their 12-year-old daughter.

File updated july 1, 2017joe Gere said he died on the afternoon his twelve-year-old daughter Brenda disappeared. A boomer-age couple, joe and elaine Gere move between California and Idaho a dozen times on their roller coaster ride of solvency and bankruptcy and have three children. Mob violence, injustice, murder, kidnapping, and suicide were the black holes in the awful astronomy of Elaine Gere's life.

Somehow she had to summon the courage to endure: to honor her beloved dead and to rebuild the shattered lives of the sons who depended on her strength. Much the steadier spouse, energetic Elaine always manages to land a clerical federal job wherever Joe moves the family.


The FBI Killer

Pinnacle #ad - When a good-looking, big city FBI agent named Mark Putnam entered her life, Susan thought her prayers had been answered. On june 8, 1989, putnam took her for a drive into the hills to discuss her demands of marriage. She was never heard from again. The fbi killer recounts the bizarre events that forced Mark Putnam to confess to brutally killing his lover, then covering up his crime for over one year.

. The first agent in fbi history to be convicted of homicide, Putnam is now serving sixteen years in a federal prison. She was dead wrong. Their relationship began when susan agreed to be putnam's paid informant in an investigation of her ex-husband's criminal friends, then quickly grew into an illicit affair that consumed their lives for nearly two years – until she became pregnant and threatened to expose Putnam, ruining his career and his marriage.

The FBI Killer #ad - Dirt poor, divorced, 27, the mother of two young children, Susan Daniels Smith, prayed for a handsome Prince Charming who would take her away from the squalor of her rural Kentucky community to live in romance and luxury.


Deep Waters: Courage, Character and the Lake Timiskaming Canoeing Tragedy

Phyllis Bruce Books #ad - Deep waters is a remarkable story of endurance, courage and unspeakable pain, a book that also explores the nature of risk-taking and the resilience of the human spirit. James raffan is that rare author, but is also a powerful investigative work that sensitively explores the nature of courage, proving with Deep Waters that he is a masterful storyteller who has not only penned a story that is by turns harrowing and poignant, risk and loss.

On the morning of june 11, 1978, 27 boys and four leaders from St. There are few writers who can take the facts of an actual event and transform them into a compelling story that captures the mind and the heart. By the end of the day, 12 boys and one leader were dead, with all four canoes overturned and floating aimlessly in the wind.

Deep Waters: Courage, Character and the Lake Timiskaming Canoeing Tragedy #ad - . John’s school in ontario set out on a canoeing expedition on Lake Timiskaming. This tragedy, unsafe canoes and equipment, as james raffan explains, a shocking tale of a school’s survival philosophy gone terribly wrong, ” was actually, which was first deemed to be an “accident, and a total lack of emergency preparedness training.