The Alien General’s Wedding Scifi Alien Romance In The Stars Romance

- To say she has big news is an understatement. Nora drops these bombshells on her:1 Nora is getting married to a seven foot tall, alien warlord called Torin. 2 the wedding is next weekend. 3 oh yeah, it's doubling as an intergalactic Peace Summit as well, to smooth relations between humans and Zorans after the narrowly avoided inter-species war.

4 will you be my maid of honor?5 also, that means you'll have to do the opening dance, in front of the whole intergalactic elite, with the gorgeous, brooding Zoran warrior named Kage. Zoey's life is thrown for a loop when her cousin Nora gets in touch with her. Always the bridesmaid, never the galactic bride.

The Alien General's Wedding Scifi Alien Romance In The Stars Romance - . No problem, right?when zoey sees kage, a towering mass of purple muscle with teal eyes that make her weak at the knees, she realizes that she might be in over her head. The alien general’s Wedding is a 15. 000 word short story, and is part of the In The Stars Romance line. It can be read as a standalone, but it'll make more sense if you read my Barbarian Brides series.

However, then feel free to pick this book up! No cheating, if you're on the mood for an alien wedding, HEA guaranteed! .

Sanctuary: A Dark Planet Warriors Novella

- Sanctuary is a 43000 word "slice-of-life" novella set in the Dark Planet Warriors Universe. Abbey goes shopping. Tarak learns an important fact about human female biology. Ami develops new and somewhat scary abilities. Oh, and it's Christmas soon. It's just another day in the life of our fearsome Kordolians and their human mates.

It ties in with the current series and has a HFN ending. A light-hearted peek into Tarak and Abbey's new life on Earth.

Captive of the Horde King Horde Kings of Dakkar Book 1

- Now, he owns her. On the unforgiving planet of dakkar, worked to provide for my family, I did what all the humans in our village did: kept my head down, and I certainly didn’t break any Dakkari laws to risk inciting the alien race’s merciless wrath. Unfortunately, led by their powerful horde king—a cold, barbarian Dakkari straight to our doorstep, ruthless, the same couldn’t be said for my brother and one careless mistake brings a horde of the nomadic, battle-scarred warrior demanding retribution.

In order to save my brother’s life, I do the unthinkable. I sell myself to the horde king as his war prize. Each book follows a different couple and can be read as a standalone. It kicks off a brand new series, Horde Kings of Dakkar, by Zoey Draven. She made a deal with the Dakkari devil. I agree to warm his furs, to travel with his horde across the wild lands of Dakkar, and to never see my family again.

Captive of the Horde King Horde Kings of Dakkar Book 1 - But as i struggle with my new reality, mysterious, I discover that the surly, dominant horde king never intended for me to be his concubine…He wants me as his queen. Captive of the horde king is a full-length SFR novel 85, 000+ words with an HEA.

The Zoran's Chosen Scifi Alien Romance Barbarian Brides Book 8

- Next order of business: tasting that curvy, dark-haired human, the one with the big brown eyes and a body made for a Zoran warrior. The zoran's chosen is the final book in the Barbarian Brides series. When lily accepted a job at onyx, she didn't think she'd be looking at a hot, naked Zoran warrior floating in a tank of water on her first day.

No cheating, HEA guaranteed! She is supposed to run tests on this prisoner, but there's simply no way Lily will go along with that. It's an instalust, fated mates romance with a hot pink alien warrior who has a thirst for revenge and for a certain feisty human female. Instead, she releases him. And that is when the real trouble starts.

The Zoran's Chosen Scifi Alien Romance Barbarian Brides Book 8 - . After months of imprisonment, Marcas finally has a taste of freedom.

The Purple Alien Prince's Pregnant Captive Scifi Alien Secret Baby Romance: In the Stars Romance

- Except, it’s hard to hold down a job as a sexy waitress with a huge stomach the color of grape Kool-Aid. Jobless and twenty-four hours from being evicted, greatest lover of all time, Morean male, baby daddy, she runs into the one person she never thought she’d see again…
Zyriq Rukzahl—Captain of Warking’s Blade, and… kidnapper.

Part of the In the Stars Romance line. With no alien partner in sight, she’s determined to take care of herself—and her baby—on her own. One night with the delectable human female wasn’t enough for this alien prince…
Baila spent one night with the sexy alien—over six feet of purple hotness—and now she’s paying the price.

The Purple Alien Prince's Pregnant Captive Scifi Alien Secret Baby Romance: In the Stars Romance - . The cost? one great big purple alien bun in her very human oven.

The Zoran's Captive Scifi Alien Romance Barbarian Brides Book 7

- She's the only one who can save me -- but can I protect her from myself? They say I'm a monster. She is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, and every inch of me wants nothing more than to claim her. I must prove my worth and my innocence, and I need her help. No cheating, HEA guaranteed! It's an instalust, fated mates romance featuring a fiery human with a thirst for justice, and a tall, imposing alien warrior who can't resist her.

To spite her the warden locks the curvy human in my cell. He expects me to kill her. Nobody expects me to love her. But, I resist. When i see her, it's love at first sight. Humanity's worst nightmare. Only nora Baker believes in me. A killer. I must be strong. Her life is in my hands -- but I'm not sure I can even protect her from myself.

The Zoran's Captive Scifi Alien Romance Barbarian Brides Book 7 - . The zoran's captive is book seven in the Barbarian Brides series, but can be read as a standalone.

Barbarian's Seduction: A SciFi Alien Romance Ice Planet Barbarians Book 20

- I am the most reticent of all the sa-khui tribe, a hunter that never expected to have a family of my own. Marlene's not like the other humans. But resonance chooses, and it has chosen her for me. Even though it is a ‘flashback’ to the beginning of the Ice Planet Barbarians series, it can be read out of order.

And marlene is quite determined to seduce me…and who can say no to such a woman?This story explores the long-awaited romance of Marlene and Zennek. They weep while she smiles. Enjoy! They look at us with fear, while she entices me with a come-hither look. I. Have no idea why such a bold female resonated to a male like me.

The Alien Assassin's Stolen Bride: In the Stars Romance

- Can he convince his innocent mate to return with him to his home planet before his time is up, or will he be forced to steal her? He didn’t expect to find his true mate during the middle of this hit. He didn’t expect her to be a stunning human female who could gentle his stern demands. Heriot is an assassin known for his one hundred percent kill rate…and his grim disposition.

He’s all work and no fun, according to his brother and partner, Jadzion. He’s got two diurnal cycles to take out his target, so there’s not a lot of time for shenanigans. And he didn’t expect to be reduced to a raging, rutting beast on this mission. Her friends have ditched her, and she’s stuck going on a tour of Hearst Castle.

The Alien Assassin's Stolen Bride: In the Stars Romance - Hannah’s having a bad day. And she ends up seated next to a muscle-bound, dangerous-looking man dressed all in black, with pearly-white skin and silver eyes. And he’s all business as he tracks down his latest target on some filthy backwater planet called Earth.

The Alien Assassin's Convenient Wife: An 'In The Stars' Romance Novella

- He's waited until the last minute to go planetside, and his target's at a couples retreat. Jadzion is solo. The solution is obvious - Jadzion needs a wife. Jenna, naturally, is confused. Now, though, Jadzion has a problem. One half of an intergalactic assassin team, Jadzion heads to New Mexico for his target while his brother Heriot heads to California.

Just for the weekend, of course. Using a thing called a 'dating app' he finds a woman named Jenna. But the longer she's around Jadzion, the more she thinks he's not from around here. And that he just might be the one for her. They've traveled millions of miles and through star systems to find their targets, who are gun-runners on a galactic scale.

The Alien Assassin's Convenient Wife: An 'In The Stars' Romance Novella - He tells her he needs to marry her, right away.

Rogue Mate: A Science Fiction Alien Romance Rogue Star Book 1

ClockWalk Press - They're not exactly answering questions. Most importantly, they're giant, golden skinned aliens. And their rogue of a captain seems very interested in the little human commander. Me. Rogue mate is the first in the Rogue Star science fiction alien romance series. Come along for the ride! The universe is much bigger, and more handsome, than I thought.

Our rescuers are a group of pirates. Or smugglers.

Mated to the Zoran Scifi Alien Romance Zoran's Chosen Book 1

- And then there's theros: a silver, tall, gorgeous Zoran warrior who has shown up out of nowhere and who claims that they are both Chosen and that the Mating Star Prophecy is coming to pass. That's also quite out of the ordinary. It's quite unnerving. The mating Star aligns. Anaya's having a tough week. That's to say, the young woman has suddenly realized she has telepathic powers.

And what about the megacorps who want to abduct her and use her powers for their own gain?Also definitely not good. Not good at all. Ever since the Rift opened up, she's been having 'episodes'.