The Red Coat: A Novel of Boston

Skyhorse #ad - Think downton abbey, set in the heart of boston irish domestic worker Norah King's decision to ask her wealthy employer, Caroline Parker, for an elegant red coat that the Beacon Hill matriarch has marked for donation ignites a series of events that neither woman could have fathomed. The unlikely exchange will impact their respective daughters and families for generations to come, Rosemary, to the determined and spirited King sisters of South Boston, from the coat's original owner, Kay, marriage-minded collegian Cordelia Parker, and Rita.

See how the parkers and the Kings each overcome sudden tragedy with resolve and triumph. Dive into boston feet first! the red Coat is a rich novel that chronicles the legacy of Boston from both sides of the city, Southie and the Hill. Carlson brings us front and center with her knowing weave of Celtic passion – both tragic and joyful – words of wisdom, humor, romance, and historical events.

The Red Coat: A Novel of Boston #ad - As all of these young women experience the realities of life – love and loss, generations, and landscapes in Boston during the 1940s and 50s, conflict and joy, challenge, a time of change, class prejudices and unexpected prospects – the red coat reveals the distinction between cultures, and opportunity.

. Meet the proud, working-class Irish and staid, upper-class Brahmins through the contrasting lives of these two families and their friends and neighbors. And witness the profound impact of a mother’s heart on her children’s souls.


The Copper Beech: A Novel

Dell #ad - Her warmth and sympathy render the daily struggles of ordinary people heroic and turn storytelling into art. San francisco chronicle “the copper beech finds author Maeve Binchy at her Irish storytelling best!”—Cleveland Plain Dealer. Leonora, the privileged daughter of the town’s richest family, and Foxy Dunne, whose father did time in jail .

For now the secrets in shancarrig’s shadows are starting to be revealed, from innocent vanities and hidden loves to crimes of the heart. And nessa ryan, whose parents run Ryan’s Hotel, and two very different young men. But not even father gunn, who knows most of what goes on behind Shancarrig’s closed doors, the parish priest, or Dr.

The Copper Beech: A Novel #ad - New york times bestseller • “the copper beech is as soothing as a cup of tea. People in the little irish town of shancarrig, the young people carve their initials—and those of their loves—into the copper beech tree in front of the schoolhouse. And even to murder. Praise for the copper Beech “A book with a difference.

. Jims, who knows all the rest, the village doctor, realize that not everything in the placid village is what it seems.


A Week in Winter

Anchor #ad - When chicky starr decides to take an old, decaying mansion set high on the cliffs overlooking the windswept Atlantic Ocean and turn it into a restful place for a holiday by the sea, everyone thinks she is crazy. John, husband and wife, thinks he has arrived incognito; winnie and lillian are forced into taking a holiday together; nicola and Henry, the American movie star, have been shaken by seeing too much death practicing medicine; Anders hates his father’s business, a retired schoolteacher, much to everyone’s relief; the Walls are disappointed to have won this second-prize holiday in a contest where first prize was Paris; and Freda, the librarian, but has a real talent for music; Miss Nell Howe, criticizes everything and leaves a day early, is afraid of her own psychic visions.

Once again, she embraces us with her grand storytelling. This ebook edition includes photos from the landscape of A WEEK IN WINTER and a Reading Group Guide.  . Sharing a week with this unlikely cast of characters is pure joy, full of Maeve’s trademark warmth and humor. Helped by rigger a bad boy turned good who is handy around the house and Orla, log fires, Chicky is finally ready to welcome the first guests to Stone House’s big warm kitchen, her niece a whiz at business, and understated elegant bedrooms.

A Week in Winter #ad - Stoneybridge is a small town on the west coast of Ireland where all the families know one another.


Tender Victory: A Novel

Open Road Media #ad - His forté is spiritual solace in the darkest of times, but his life changes when he performs a public heroic act: facing down an angry mob intent on attacking five young Holocaust survivors. Together with lorry summerfield, the beautiful, disillusioned daughter of Barryfield’s most powerful figure, Fletcher must try to awaken the townspeople to the better angels of their nature before it’s too late.

Beneath the town’s placid surface run buried religious divisions. Dealing with such prejudice turns more sinister still when a local newspaper publisher cynically uses the story for his own purposes. Johnny fletcher serves wounded soldiers from the battlefield as a military chaplain  during World War II.

Tender Victory: A Novel #ad -  . Rev. To his dismay, pennsylvania, his coal-mining community of Barryfield, greets this makeshift family with prejudice and distrust. Fletcher’s commitment to raising the children according to their individual faiths—two Protestant, two Catholic, and one Jewish—meets with horrific levels of intolerance.

Upon learning they have no homes or families to return to, Fletcher decides to bring them to America. New york times bestseller: the “touching and effective” story of an American minister who returns home from WWII with five orphaned Holocaust survivors The New York Times.


My Name is Eva: An absolutely gripping and emotional historical novel

Bookouture #ad - I’ve read over 30 historical fiction novels in the past year and this one is definitely in my top 10 Netgalley Reviewer, 5 stars. Because evelyn is a woman with secrets and Evelyn remembers everything. The author has successfully penned a debut novel that I would highly recommend without any hesitation. Loved it and would definitely recommend.

Netgalley reviewer, 5 stars ‘A phenomenal story of courage, love, murder and all the atrocities that go with war. I absolutely loved every single page. An absolutely beautiful book. Kim the bookworm, 5 stars‘a poignant and evocative story of love, betrayal and bravery that kept me page turning and completely engrossed from start to finish.

My Name is Eva: An absolutely gripping and emotional historical novel #ad - Readers are hooked on my name is eva: ‘could not put this book down, i cheered, i sympathized all because of Evelyn…I could so picture the setting and as Evelyn sets out to fool everyone, I cried, and heaven help anyone that tried to disturb my reading !!…I absolutely loved this book !…I laughed, I thought you go girl !!.

. I don't want to say anything else but what a fantastic read… I can't recommend this book enough !!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars‘What a magnificent read! Eva is amazing. It would be easy to dismiss Evelyn as a muddled old woman, but her lipstick is applied perfectly, and her buttons done up correctly.

Eva is an extraordinary character, strong, loyal, funny, smart, loving, and brave.


The Buttonmaker's Daughter

HQ #ad - But to secure her family’s future, Elizabeth must marry well. A man of trade falls far from her father’s uncompromising standards. As the sweltering heat of 1914 builds to a storm, Elizabeth faces a choice between family loyalty and an uncertain future with the man she loves. One thing is definite: this summer will change everything.

Nestled in sussex, the Summerhayes mansion seems the perfect country idyll. But with a long-running feud in the Summers family and tensions in Europe deepening, Summerhayes’ peaceful days are numbered. For elizabeth summer, the lazy quiet of her home has become stifling. A chance meeting with Aiden Kellaway, an architect’s assistant, offers the secret promise of escape.

The Buttonmaker's Daughter #ad - May, 1914.


The Giver of Stars: A Novel

Pamela Dorman Books #ad - These heroic women refuse to be cowed by men or by convention. They will be joined by three other singular women who become known as the Packhorse Librarians of Kentucky. What happens to them--and to the men they love--becomes an unforgettable drama of loyalty, justice, humanity and passion. Funny, of true love, heartbreaking, it is destined to become a modern classic--a richly rewarding novel of women’s friendship, enthralling, and of what happens when we reach beyond our grasp for the great beyond.

Soon to be a major motion picture! So when a call goes out for a team of women to deliver books as part of Eleanor Roosevelt’s new traveling library, Alice signs on enthusiastically. The leader, is margery, and soon Alice's greatest ally, a smart-talking, self-sufficient woman who's never asked a man's permission for anything.

The Giver of Stars: A Novel #ad - . Her characters are so compelling. 1 new york times bestsellera reese witherspoon x hello sunshine book club pick“i’ve been a huge Jojo Moyes fan. And though they face all kinds of dangers in a landscape that is at times breathtakingly beautiful, they’re committed to their job: bringing books to people who have never had any, at others brutal, arming them with facts that will change their lives.

Based on a true story rooted in America’s past, The Giver of Stars is unparalleled in its scope and epic in its storytelling. It’s such a great narrative about personal strength and really captures how books bring communities together.



MIRA #ad - Taxes are skyrocketing. Bulldozers are leveling the surrounding properties. But sweetgrass—named for the indigenous grass that grows in the area—is in trouble. Rediscover this poignant novel of hope, acceptance and the powerful gift of forgivenessSweetgrass is a historic tract of land in South Carolina that has been home to the Blakely family for eight generations.

And the blakelys could be forced to sell the one thing that continues to hold their disintegrating family together. New york times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe paints an intimate portrait of a family that must learn to unravel old patterns and weave together a new future. Originally published in 2005.


Serving Victoria: Life in the Royal Household

Harper #ad - We see a woman who was prone to fits of giggles, who wept easily and often, who gobbled her food and shrank from confrontation but insisted on controlling the lives of those around her. For some, royal employment was the defining experience of their lives; for others it came as an unwelcome duty or as a prelude to greater things.

. During her sixty-three-year reign, Queen Victoria gathered around herself a household dedicated to her service. We witness her extraordinary and debilitating grief at the death of her husband, Albert, and her sympathy toward the tragedies that afflicted her household. Witty, and moving, astute, serving victoria is a perfect foil to the pomp and circumstance—and prudery and conservatism—associated with Victoria's reign, and gives an unforgettable glimpse of what it meant to serve the Queen.

Serving Victoria: Life in the Royal Household #ad - Seen through the eyes of her household as she traveled among Windsor, Victoria emerges as more vulnerable, and to the French and Belgian courts, Osborne, more comical, more selfish, more emotional, and Balmoral, than the austere figure depicted in her famous portraits. Serving victoria follows the lives of six members of her household, from the governess to the royal children, from her maid of  honor to her chaplain and her personal physician.

Drawing on their letters and diaries—many hitherto unpublished—Serving Victoria offers a unique insight into the Victorian court, as well as the Queen herself, with all its frustrations and absurdities, sitting squarely at its center.


The Dutch House: A Novel

Harper #ad - His first order of business is to buy the Dutch House, a lavish estate in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. The dutch house is the story of a paradise lost, a tour de force that digs deeply into questions of inheritance, love and forgiveness, of how we want to see ourselves and of who we really are.

At the end of the second world war, cyril Conroy combines luck and a single canny investment to begin an enormous real estate empire, propelling his family from poverty to enormous wealth. It is this unshakeable bond between them that both saves their lives and thwarts their futures. Set over the course of five decades, The Dutch House is a dark fairy tale about two smart people who cannot overcome their past.

The Dutch House: A Novel #ad - The two wealthy siblings are thrown back into the poverty their parents had escaped from and find that all they have to count on is one another. Despite every outward sign of success, Danny and Maeve are only truly comfortable when they’re together. A read with jenna today show book club pick!from the new york times bestselling author of Commonwealth and State of Wonder, comes Ann Patchett’s most powerful novel to date: a richly moving story that explores the indelible bond between two siblings, the house of their childhood, and a past that will not let them go.

. Throughout their lives they return to the well-worn story of what they’ve lost with humor and rage. But when at last they’re forced to confront the people who left them behind, the relationship between an indulged brother and his ever-protective sister is finally tested. Meant as a surprise for his wife, the house sets in motion the undoing of everyone he loves.


The Last Letter from Juliet: A heartbreaking and unforgettable WW2 historical novel

One More Chapter #ad - Holy ******…i had to keep taking breaks in the last 15% just so I didn’t break down in a flood of tears’ Zoe Hartgen‘Read the first chapter and I. I’ve finished the book. Every nook of her Cornish cottage is alive with memories just waiting to be discovered. Katherine henderson has escaped to Cornwall for Christmas, but she soon finds there is more to her holiday cottage than meets the eye.

And on the eve of juliet’s 100th birthday, katherine is enlisted to make an old lady’s final Christmas wish come true…Me Before You meets The English Patient in this stunning romantic historical novel from award-winning author Melanie Hudson, perfect for fans of Readers love The Last Letter from Juliet‘OK….

The Last Letter from Juliet: A heartbreaking and unforgettable WW2 historical novel #ad - The usa today bestseller!“i loved it!” jill mansellInspired by the brave women of WWII, this is a moving and powerful novel of friendship, love and resilience. A story of love not a story of a war…a daring wwii pilot who grew up among the clouds, Juliet Caron’s life was one of courage, adventure – and a love torn apart by war.

Was. Hooked!’ skye’s mum‘if you only read one book this year make it the last letter from juliet’ tracey shults‘i just couldn't put it down until finished’ Jeanette‘Captures those stolen moments in dangerous and desperate times…beautiful, friendship, nostalgic and emotional’ Cheryl M-M‘Jam packed full of emotion…I don't usually read historical fiction but I'm so glad I read this’ Jennie Scanlan‘I can highly recommend this beautiful tale of love, sacrifice, courage and so much more’ Nessa Stimpson.